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  1. to add, if i start the computer with max duo on, then simply safe eject the disk and remove it with the duo still on, i can re-insert the disk and it shows upi with no problems. its only when I turn off the max duo and turn it on again that it kicks the D drive offline. but that is the feature i am looking for: to simply turn off the disk so i dont need to pull it out of my system. thanks.
  2. did you ever solve your problem? I am having something slightly different where it kicks one drive offline when i mount a Max duo one.
  3. So I just installed the Max 5 duo today in a win 7 ultimate machine with essentially a brand new build. My issue is I have the C drive, a D drive that is also in an older Tray-less drive, and then the E drive in the Max Duo. --If I start the machine with the max on, all drives show up fine. I can then "Safe eject" the Max drive, and turn off the Max, leaving the disk plugged in but off. Then, if I turn on the Max drive again, the D drive disappears and no sign of the E drive either. I then go into Device manager to scan disks and the Max drive immediately mounts, without the D driv
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