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  1. I have tried with multiple virtual machines, update either always fails or the machine fails to recognize the keyboard. http://imgur.com/a/BaLNn My likely course of action at this point is to exchange the keyboard where I bought it and not update the firmware, which is super frustrating. That is, of course, unless there is some way to update through the Command Line on a UNIX/Linux machine.
  2. I am having a similar issue with mine, only difference is I have the blue switches… How were you able to get the 0 -> 30 firmware installed? Mine just sits and sits, never moves an inch.
  3. I got the keyboard to a ppoint where it will update, however, it's been stuck in the same spot for quite a while… How long should a firmware update take?
  4. Having a similar issue, how long did the update take?
  5. I downloaded the v30 firmware update from the site and am currently running that… The update says I am at firmware version: 0 How long should this process take?
  6. After upgrading to v36 firmware my Poseidon Z RGB is no longer accessible in either Windows or Mac environment, for #### and giggles I spun up a VM, made sure the keyboard was visible to the Windows machine, and the drivers failed to install… Is there a way to roll back the device? Manually revert the drivers? Thanks!
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