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  1. hi Mike,

    The PSU has built in microcontroller unit that can collect the power supply status, including output voltage, output current, fan speed, and so on.

    basically, the readings of power supply status are available because of the unit.

    on the other hand, the CPU and VGA card information can be read only if motherboard and VGA cards provide such the information.

    but sometimes it will support the CPU & VGA monitoring after updating the software.

  2. On 9/13/2017 at 4:09 AM, bsbd said:

    I have on of the 1000W PSU and installed the DPS app on my PC which went decently but unfortunately this was all part of a system build/upgrade and I had to create a new user and migrate things to it.  The DPS G app now launches and creates a tray icon which goes away as soon as I mouse over it.  If I return to the old user profile by signout/on, it comes right up.  Tried a full uninstall and reinstall and the only profile it works on is the old one I don't want.

    The event log gives an exception in module QtCore.dll, code 0xc0000005.  No I've tried all the tricks I can think of but can't get this to work properly.



    Hi Mike,

    can you provide the specification of your system (before and after upgrade)?

    and it seems like the Visual C++ Redistributable needs to upgrade to latest version.


    please let me know if the problem is solved after upgrading C++ package.

  3. Hi,

    I would recommend to send the psu unit and all the cables to RMA because the issue might be caused by the cables.

    however, you can still directly contact our customer service to see if you would like to return only the unit or everything including the cables.

    I am not sure where you are located.

    here is the contact for customer service in USA:


    USA Support email:



    USA Technical Support:


    Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:30PM (P.S.T)

    please let me know if you need the customer service contact in any other region.

  4. 15 hours ago, hallster said:

    Hope someone has a simple answer to a simple question!

    If I change the colour of the PSU fan ring in the RGB tab of the software, how can I make sure it "remembers" the new colour after the PC restarts? It's driving me mad to have to keep changing it to match the rest of my system every time...




    Unfortunately, the RGB setting is not saved in the power supply itself, but the software should be able to remember the setting every time you turn on your PC.

    That means every time the DPS G PC app is loaded while turning on the PC, the RGB lighting should be turned into the color you have set previously.

  5. hi,

    The 5v rail might be out of 3% range while the 12v rail (vga card) is under stress loading.

    However, i will need to check the power supply's record to confirm if this is the case. 

    Could you please send me the record of power supply's status?

    the record can be exported in the PC App.

  6. Hi,

    The threshold for voltage warning alert is +/- 3%, where Intel has the voltage regulation standard of +/- 5%.

    It means our warning alert is more sensitive and reminds that the power supply might be pushed too hard while mining.

    If the power supply is running under heavy loading for long run, the life expectancy of the power supply will be short.

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