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  1. Hi Blaknight Do you mind me asking if the controllers are inside or outside the case? (sent you a pm as well). Thanks Paul
  2. I've added a couple of pics of the fans, hubs and extension cables. I was hoping to locate all the included controllers together externally at the rear of the case but I may have to rethink this due to the proprietary 5 pin plug at the end of the RGB Riing 12 fan cable. I don't think that 5 pin extension leads are currently available and whilst the hard-wired cable is a reasonable length of 18 inches (45cm) the X9 case is 25 inches long. I could take a diy approach and splice cables but that would be messy and invalidate the fan warranties. I have therefore picked up 4 pin extension cables for each controller as they are powered via this standard method at the rear of the unit (the included Thermaltake controller cable actually has 4 pin plugs at each end. The smaller proprietary 4 pin plug goes into the controller and there's a standard 4 pin PWM Fan plug at the other end). I also have 3 pin extension cables (if required) for the 2 x TT Pure 20 200mm fans at the front of the case, one of which is pre-installed and therefore not shown in the picture
  3. I've given the solution a bit more thought and decided on the following: Buy another TT RGB Riing 12 fan bringing the total to 15 (one spare). The main reason for the purchase is to get another included TT controller bringing that total to 7. This will enable me to control the RGB lighting in banks of 2 as I am using an even number of fans in the various areas throughout the X9 case. Think of the dancefloor in Saturday Night Fever as a reference (although reference to the dancefloor in a certain Steve Martin film from 1979 may be more appropriate in my case). In order to power and control the fans I will run a few from the motherboard but plug the bulk into the psu which has a USB link for software control. The psu specs state 11 x molex which are enabled via 3 included cables containing molex connectors along their length (2 cables with 4 connectors and one with 3 connectors). There are actually 6 x peripheral/sata sockets on the rear of the psu, any of which could be utilised to provide power. Finally I will add 3 x Phobya 8 x 4-Pin Splitter PWM hubs (see picture) which will draw power from the 3 molex cables included with the psu. Spare capacity on the TT controllers and fan splitter hubs will give me contingency in the unlikely event that one of the units fail. There's plenty of room to stash the controllers out of sight in the case but that would be a hassle when I want to change the colours which is the whole point and main selling feature of these unique fans. I will therefore route the cables to the controllers which will be outside the case. it's not the most elegant solution but it will work. Thermaltake are working on a sync cable at present and TtAlvin has kindly stated that these will be forwarded when they become available, which will be much appreciated. If it's a daisy chain arrangement i think I bettter update my requirement to 6 cables. I haven't seen this arrangement online as yet so hopefully it will be worth the effort. My wishlist for the future would be dedicated touchscreen controllers like the Thermaltake Commander FT Controller, however with additional lighting control and a handheld remote. No pressure guys but if the demand was there, the supply would surely follow. Nothing would come close to this refined solution in my opinion and I reckon that Thermaltake would sell plenty more fans. I bet that they would like all their customers (who choose air cooling route with an X9 case) to buy 16 fans in addition to the 2 included units with the case (even if they aren't necessary). I think I've hoovered up most of the local supply in my area. If you really want to go over the top (hey, why not?), add sound activation to the lighting for when you are playing your favourite tunes! Please feel free to add your views. Any comments would be appreciated. I will add a picture of the build in due course. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply Mike. Just to clarify, I am doing a fresh build using RGB riings, not an upgrade. The case picture is taken from the Thermaltake store showing a similar configuration. I know that I can power up all of the fans I mentioned. It's just how best to do it. I could plug the controllers into the psu with adapters or plug into the mobo (with optional* Asus fan extension card) without adapters but I'm not sure whether running triple RGB Riing fans via the included TT controller into single headers would cause overload issues even though fans/leds have a low power requirement. *On the subject of the Asus fan extension card, I have received written confirmation from Asus's parts supplier that they have no plans to sell the optional fan card as a spare part nor have they ever done so. It makes you wonder why they included the slot on the mobo in the first place and promote it as a product selling feature on their website. It appears that the card was bundled with higher end mobo's only. Fortunately there are a few sitting on the dock of the bay in the USA should I wish to import one, although I'm not sure that it is the quickest or best solution from a cable management perspective. Do you have any views regarding running the included TT controller with 3 RGB Riings from a single fan header on the mobo? Good to go, or to be avoided?
  5. Being an airhead I am starting a build utilising 14 x RGB Riing 12 fans (with 6 controllers) and 2 x TT Pure 20 fans which I want to install in a TT X9 case: 8 x (2 banks of 4) RGB Riing 12's in the top 4 x RGB Riing 12's on the window side of case 2 x RGB Riing 12's at back of case 2 x Pure 20's at front of case Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler If you view the attached Thermaltake promo picture you will see that the case can accomodate this number of fans even though they are not RGB Riings. CPU is Intel 6700K and GPU is Zotac 980ti Amp edition. I have an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard and the PSU is a Corsair 1000RMI. The mobo spec states that there are five 4/3 pin (PWM/DC) combo fan connectors and 5 onboard thermal sensors as well as a fan extension (EXT) header for quick and easy fan upgrades. The PSU spec states 11 x molex and it has dedicated link software to monitor and control the fans. Due to the unusual nature of the Thermaltake controllers and my other options, I am wondering about how best to control all the fans. The pc build is to power up a motion simulator and an Oculus Rift CV1 when it arrives, with plenty of headroom. I know it's overkill on the fans (21 including CPU cooler and GPU fans) but it's an aesthetic consideration and it will make a good heater/hoover if nothing else. It's my first build (yup. I am crazy) but hopefully the end result will be worth it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks paul
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