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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, first of all I will be using the translator because my English is very bad. Well I was looking if someone has bunny hop macros for the keyboard challanger prime If someone can pass me the file would be helpful thanks.
  2. I tried to install a driver for a controller but accidentaly chose my keyboard instead, and I think I messed up it's firmware cuz I've tried resetting it through the driver software and no luck. Basically, I can't use any of the media keys, and I can't modify the macro keys at all, they're always the default.
  3. I just purchased the Challenger Prime V2 today, and I'm trying to get my Macro keys to work with OBS but so far I have no luck. I want to be able to swap scenes using hotkeys when I'm in a game (currently testing in Valorant), so I don't have to keep swapping tabs to change scenes. The hotkeys work if I press them manually, but if they're bound to the macro keys nothing happens. I've tried everything and nothing seems to be working. I've tried running OBS as admin, I've tried all the key combinations I can think of that don't get used by the game, but still no luck. If I'm in OBS itself, the Macro keys do the job fine, but when I'm not in that tab the keys don't seem to work properly (it still does the same input but OBS for some reason doesn't pick it up) What can I do to fix this?
  4. Hey Guys I have a problem with the Challenger prime gaming keyboard. (IT ONLY DOES THIS ON THE COMPUTER THAT IS MENTIONED DOWN BELOW) (I HAVE TRIED USING THIS KEYBOARD ON MANY OTHER COMPUTERS AND IF I USE ANY OTHER KEYBOARDS ON THE SAME PC INCLUDING THE COMMANDER COMBO SET, IT WORKS PERFECTLY FINE) My keyboard's back lights start flashing after about 30 to 40mins. and my keyboard doesn't respond in anyway. and after I unplug it. and put another key board in it stop's that keyboard working as well and if I have a mouse plugged in it stop's that working as well ( THE MOUSE I AM USING IS LOGITECH HYPERION FURY G402 GAMING MOUSE) and any others I inserted. My PC System is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz (RAM 8.00) 64Bit Operating system PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. Is there a way to get T1 - T6 to register as F13 - F18 or as generic buttons? I know the keys exist, but they're not on the Challenger Prime. Shift + F1 does NOT register as F13 despite basically every forum saying it does, so I assume I need to use Autohotkey. None of the very few scripts I've found have worked and I know nothing about scripting for the program, so I'm both lost and stuck.
  6. hi i bought this keyboard about three years ago but now it has stopped working, if i presses the function key, it inputs an e. before this, it wouldn’t even input anything or spammed characters. please help because i can’t use my pc without a keyboard
  7. I'am in need of your help because suddenly my challenger prime keys won't register just happen today been using me keyboard for almost 9 months now, the enter key is working but i can't type or do anything please help
  8. No matter what i do i can not figure out how to bind my macro keys.
  9. Hi, I just bought the Challenger prime keyboard (http://www.ttesports.com/Keyboard/156/CHALLENGER_Prime/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.Vp6_2PnhCUk) I've installed the software, everything runs ok (it is very slow to apply changes but I can live with that), but if I configure ANYTHING in the software and apply changes, the left windows key don't work anymore. If I turn the settings to default, it works again, but any changes I make, the problem appears again. I'm on win 7 64 SP1 Thanks, Walter
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