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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all. I have a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme that I need the drivers and fan control software for, but I no longer have the included disk. I cannot find a download link on the website or elsewhere on the internet. Does anyone have a download link for this liquid cooler? It would help extend the life of my still plenty good cpu cooler. Thanks in advance
  2. TLDR: Disable Firewall and antivirus software. Then unplug and replug in your mouse. Then launch Command Center Pro or other respective software. Hi all. I bought Iris RGB today and had the problem. I saw many people experienced it but there's no tangible response from TT. In my case: Mouse was working. I could download the Command Center Pro v1.0012 or any other TT software and then I restarted my pc. Bluetooth & other devices in Settings shows my mouse as "Iris Optical RGB". However, Device Manager shows it as HID-compliant mouse and also as a HID-compliant keyboard somehow. Problem was that Command Center Pro was not launching or responding in any way. I tried common moves on Device manager to disable/enable, manually update etc. Well, I could not manually update btw, because I could not find any specific file to use as driver. So as a last resort, I disabled Firewall and antivirus software; then unpluged and repluged the mouse; then launched Command Center Pro. This time it worked. I'm not expert, but as far as I understand, Windows considers the TT's drivers as suspicious, so it installs a generic mouse driver HID-compliant mouse. And it does the same thing everytime whatever you do (uninstall or update the driver etc.) Thus Command Center cannot see the exact mouse but just a random mouse, so it does not launch. I hope it helps some people, it took hours for me to figure it out. PS: Device Manager still shows it as "HID-compliant mouse" but Command Center is working and I can change all the settings of the mouse.
  3. I own a MEKA G-Unit keyboard and iv'e downloaded the program for it. Can't configure the macros. Please help. MEKA G Unit Config.exe
  4. Hi all Just wondering if anyone is using this device. Having trouble with it. It does not appear in the BIOS as an option, (my other, external sdcard reader does), ...and from linux, it is pretty much like it is not there at all. Oh.. I can see the USB hub fine, there is no issue with that and the USB ports all work Just no card reader. Even the led does not come on when I insert a sdcard. Sent it back to the shop.. and the guy tells me that it works on widoze 10. Not sure I trust this info, since I installed widoze10 just to see - and i could not make it work So just to start, simple question: Can anyone confirm that it is _not_ standard USB storage compatible ie it won't work everywhere a normal usb stick would eg form within the bios config screen Tx M
  5. Hi all, I have the issue with keyboard Challenger Pro. Cannot run software on win 10 (64 -bit). I have tried all compatibility modes + run as administrator, but w/t any success. The GUI even doesn't start. However, I can see the process in Task Manager. Has anyone run into the same problem? How can I fix it? TIA!
  6. I downloaded the rar file extractor and when I open the driver installer it says to connect the device. Ive tried using different ports, restarting, reinstalling. The keyboard works and can use all controls. Does the message CS:E549H mean anything? I guess I should also ask if the program is windows 10 compatible as well.
  7. Greetings, I have a level 10 M as one of the three pointing devices on my rig. Somehow I cannot find the driver for this mouse. Dont get me wrong I have the mouse software installed and running. Also I did run the firmware update tool and got a message like there is no need for update. My problem is that in device manager it shows as a default "HID compliant mouse" and in devices and printers it shows as a keyboard labeled "TT esports level 10 mouse". Sorry if this is a known issue, I have searched for "level 10 M driver" but couldnt find any relevant entries on the forum. Best regards
  8. Hi everyone, i bought a "Tt-eSports Shock One" headset in 2015, so... today i decided to update my windows from 7 to windows10 (7 ultimate -> 10 pro). Everything is fine but i can't use correctly the headset software, i try to apply a configuration but doesnt work, the equalizer doesnt work, etc. I found the solution which is to config it manually from: "Control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> *Sound -> Manage audio devices* -> SpeakersTtShockOne/HeadphoneTtShockOne/etc -> Properties" And you need to activate all the options so you have to configure your headset manually. But, there any way to do it like old way? i mean you open your Tt Shock One software, and you configure it from there... Thanks for reading! Greetings from Chile *Sorry for my bad english :s
  9. i can't run the driver, it says "please plug in gaming device to start the ap configuration" , i tried whit another usb port, tried reinstaling the driver, running as administrator, and in others pc's etc, but nothing works. but for some reason yesterday works. i have windows 10 in all the pc's by the way.. please help DDD:
  10. Hey, thermaltake and community, i just bought this challenger keyboard, and i found out that there were a driver for it. I tried to download the driver, there were no problems with the download part, but when i tried to open the driver. It couldnt. It cant open. Is there a sweetheart there can help me?
  11. The app keeps saying "Please plug-in Gaming Device to start AP configuration!" but my mouse is already plugged-in. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Hello everyone, This is not a driver request post. This is an actual driver release/testing post. As some of you might know, TtEsports Poseidon Z keyboard does not work properly on Mac OS X. Symptoms like typing "e" generates "e ", pressing "tab" results in nothing are seen under Mac OS X. I programmed an in-kernel driver for Poseidon Z keyboard to replace the stock IOUSBHIDDriver.kext generic USB keyboard driver for Poseidon keyboard. This driver currently only supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It's not because it uses any new features of Yosemite. It simply because I have upgraded all my Macintoshes and Hackintoshes to 10.10. I have no testing environment for older Mac OS X systems. This driver only drives Poseidon Z keyboard, even though its name is misleading (TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext). In other works, vendor ID 0x566, product ID 0x3067. To install the driver, I recommend to use Kext Utility.app, which I already include in the download package. Please download the driver package at http://cl.ly/2u2m230n1S35?_ga=1.36054240.1744096441.1388556674first. Please unpack the package, you will find three components: TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext, Kext Utility.app and IORegistryExplorer.app. Follow the steps below to install. 0. Disable the check of driver signatures by using the command below in Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1 It's worth mentioning that this command will need to be rerun after whenever you issue an nvram clear (i.e., Command+Option+P+R during booting). A more permanent solution is editing /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist. Please restart your Mac after this step. 1. Drag "Kext Utility.app" to your Applications folder, and launch it. 2. Type in your login password, and wait until it's done with its work. 3. Drag TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext into the window of Kext Utility, and type in your password again. Wait until it's done. 4. Replug in your Poseidon Z keyboard. If it still doesn't work, reboot your Mac and plug in your keyboard. If your keyboard still doesn't work after the steps above, please launch "IORegistryExplorer.app" and search for "TtEsports". If you cannot find the driver like what is shown on the screenshot, then the driver doesn't work for you, please reply this post. FYI, I'm using a blue switch Poseidon Z.
  13. I recently purchased a second Posideon Z keyboard when the first one I purchased for my Linux box worked so well, I had to get a second for my gaming/programming rig. Everything seems to work great on it, except when I am programming. I have a tendency to lean pretty heavy on CTRL key combinations when I work (CTRL-S, CTRL-Z, etc) and I've noticed that it appears that the key doesn't always work when used in conjunction when another key. At first I thought it was a driver issue, but now I am leaning to the idea that the ctrl key is bad. The behavior I'm seeing is that when I hit CTRL-S, rather than sending the command to the application, an 's' is typed. Then I'll hit ESC, and hit CTRL-S again, and then the application will save. I thought it was just that key combination, because I had not seen it any other key combination before, but then last night, I saw it when when trying to undo something (CTRL-Z). I don't see the issue on my Linux box, but I've not done nearly as much programming on it, and I rarely hit CTRL keys on it. I'm tempted to switch machines in the interim, but I thought to check on support, see if there is something I can do, rather than send in for an RMA. Any ideas?
  14. Just bought a Saphrina mouse and I can not find the CD. Tried to find the drivers online and had 4 Saphrina drivers to choose from, picked one and installed it but when I start the driver software it says to plug in the mouse when the mouse is already plugged in. Tried reinserting with no effect. Just spent the last hour trying to get a mouse to work and get help to fix it. My last purchase of this brand was far less painful; just plug in and it works. Please bring back the DPI switch on the bottom so you do not need a driver for a mouse to work.
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