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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Community! I've recently bought the ThermalTake Poseidon Z RGB (Cherry Brown) and I had installed the software and set it up perfectly on my Windows 8 Pro machine. I had tested all lighting functions within the Effect Control section of the software (Fully Lighted, Reactive, Arrow Flow, Wave and Ripple) which worked beautifully. Although from what it seems now, after updating to Windows 10, the lighting on the keyboard is either non-existent or seems like it's got a mind of its own. >> Here's a quick summary of issues: - There are no longer any proper full colours displaying (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow etc) - it's all very light colours depending on the effect control set - The programming behind setting a Effect Control function seems to apply, but the lighting is complete screwed. Eg: Certain areas of the keyboard light up, some appear randomly and are also inconsistent. Like stated above, a mind of its own - The key that disables the Windows key (Button above the keypad - 2 arrows) makes the keyboard light up crazily. The light display outcome is always different. When pressed, a lot of times the light will display around the keypad area - I had to plug and unplug my keyboard multiple times for it to even detect on the pc - The second time I had updated the firmware to 36 from 30, the lights aren't even displaying at all when changing Effect Controls. I've manually reset it a few times, still to no avail. >> Further Testing: - After testing thoroughly for another 30 minutes, I've managed to somehow not display any colours at all on the keyboard no matter what Effect Control function I select. Resetting it brings the keyboard back to Red, but after choosing an effect, all colours disappear. Also refer to my 'Settings' attachments to see how it looks like. >> What's been done that didn't resolve the issue: - Re-installing the software several times, updating firmware etc - Fn+Esc hardly works, I have to manually click the Refresh button within the software to no avail - Removing the keyboard device and trying different USB ports I have a 40 second clip which shows the incorrect colours but is too big to attach. If you require it, please let me know the best way I can display it accordingly. Thanks. - Wilfred.
  2. Hey there, I recently got my Poseidon Z Touch by SmartBar keyboard and I've noticed that when I stop touching my keyboard for maybe 5 seconds the blacklight turns itself off. Once I touch the keyboard the blacklight comes back on. Is there a way I can keep the blacklight on without it turning itself off again? Or this how it normally works? I've given it a good Google and I haven't been able to find anything unfortunately. Some help or information would be appreciated. I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone, This is not a driver request post. This is an actual driver release/testing post. As some of you might know, TtEsports Poseidon Z keyboard does not work properly on Mac OS X. Symptoms like typing "e" generates "e ", pressing "tab" results in nothing are seen under Mac OS X. I programmed an in-kernel driver for Poseidon Z keyboard to replace the stock IOUSBHIDDriver.kext generic USB keyboard driver for Poseidon keyboard. This driver currently only supports Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It's not because it uses any new features of Yosemite. It simply because I have upgraded all my Macintoshes and Hackintoshes to 10.10. I have no testing environment for older Mac OS X systems. This driver only drives Poseidon Z keyboard, even though its name is misleading (TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext). In other works, vendor ID 0x566, product ID 0x3067. To install the driver, I recommend to use Kext Utility.app, which I already include in the download package. Please download the driver package at http://cl.ly/2u2m230n1S35?_ga=1.36054240.1744096441.1388556674first. Please unpack the package, you will find three components: TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext, Kext Utility.app and IORegistryExplorer.app. Follow the steps below to install. 0. Disable the check of driver signatures by using the command below in Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1 It's worth mentioning that this command will need to be rerun after whenever you issue an nvram clear (i.e., Command+Option+P+R during booting). A more permanent solution is editing /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist. Please restart your Mac after this step. 1. Drag "Kext Utility.app" to your Applications folder, and launch it. 2. Type in your login password, and wait until it's done with its work. 3. Drag TtEsportsUSBHIDDriver.kext into the window of Kext Utility, and type in your password again. Wait until it's done. 4. Replug in your Poseidon Z keyboard. If it still doesn't work, reboot your Mac and plug in your keyboard. If your keyboard still doesn't work after the steps above, please launch "IORegistryExplorer.app" and search for "TtEsports". If you cannot find the driver like what is shown on the screenshot, then the driver doesn't work for you, please reply this post. FYI, I'm using a blue switch Poseidon Z.
  4. This is the place for all our fans and friends with the POSEIDON Z RGB to share their customize lighting profiles! You can customize your special lighting profiles and share it here! You just have to save the profiles from the software and post the files here for everyone to download! We will also be sharing some of the lighting profiles we have customized! Let's start and share the amazing colors! HERE'S MY LIGHTING PROFILES: CLICK HERE! You can share yours at the comments below!
  5. Hello! i've been loving my Poseidon ZX for the las two years. and until now i had no problem with it. Today I come to my PC and it just doesn't work, no signal on the PC that is plugged in, no nothing. The only signal that i got that is working is the LED on the key for disabling the Win key(top right corner) is illuminated, but besides that, the hole board is unresponsive. If i keep it pressed for like 15 seconds the light start to blink, but nothing else. This happens on windows/linux/osx. How can i fix it? its a software/firmware issue, electrical o physical issue? Thanks in advance Regards,
  6. Hello, Would you guys be able to release an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical keyboard? I find the official software to be too ugly for my taste, and I would much prefer being able to program the LED's via code instead of using a user-interface. By releasing an SDK, you guys would save me alot of trouble, the past couple of days i've spent trying to set the LED's via the HidApi function HidD_SetFeature(handle, data, length), but it keeps refusing. So i'm gonna try implement libusb-win32 instead because someone said they could get it work. Thanks!
  7. So after almost a year I've had this beauty of a keyboard the numpad 6 key has stopped working. At first I'd remove the key cap and test it, and it would work. But now it seems it's completely stopped working. I purchased this KB in the USA, but I live in Spain. Is there support in Spain for TT eSports mechanical keyboards? Anyone got any suggestions that I can try? Cheers
  8. Hi y'all, First of all, this is my first mechanical keyboard so I'm really excited that this one was on sale at MicroCenter and I was able to get the last one. I downloaded the most recent software for the Poseidon Z RGB from the ttesports website, and when I open it up it looks fine. Yet, when I make any change to a profile, like changing a color on static mode, and then hit apply, it shuts off the LEDs on my keyboard and basically makes every single key on my keyboard unusable, as if it was unplugged. I would have to unplug and plug my keyboard back into my PC in order for the LEDs to come back on and for me to be able to use the keyboard. I'm not sure whether it's an issue with the software or an issue with my keyboard, because if I leave my keyboard with the preset profiles on it, it will work fine. Any help would be great, thanks.
  9. So I've had this keyboard for nearly a year now ( bought it mid january last year ) and i am in love with it. I use it to play Multiple games including cs go and it has been a flawless keyboard for such a long time. I have ran into 2 issues with this keyboard recently and they are very VERY bad issues when playing CS:GO Issue Number 1 : I've had this problem for quite some time now, but I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible which is a hard thing to do. The "G" key will be pressed once, and it would end up registering as 2 presses instead of one. In CS:GO, the G key is used to drop weapons and the Bomb. I sometimes drop the bomb when i start with it which also drops my GUN and forces me to run and pick it up. Issue Number 2 : The CTRL button works maybe 30% of the time, and even when it does work, (holding it down) it wont be registered as me holding it down. In CS:GO, the CTRL button is used to crouch. If you are familiar with CS:GO, you would know how detrimental hopping up and down from crouching is in a gunfight. I know this keyboard came with a 5 year warranty, does the warranty cover these issues listed above? Like I said this keyboard is amazing, but if i have to end up replacing it with another brand, that would be upsetting because of how much i am in love with how simple the keyboard looks. Also you can see how nice it matches my setup here
  10. I got myself Poseidon z RGB and edited the colours, all those things...After turning my computer off and turning it on, all the profiles change to fully lighted red...what can I do to fix it
  11. First time posting.... but thought I'd inquire... is there an ETA on when the Poseidon Z RGB will be available? I'm leaning towards the RGB from the Razer Chroma. Love the small stature of the Poseidon Just thought I'd inquire... Cheers.. -Jason
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