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Found 6 results

  1. Does this idiotic case fan hub cannot control 2 200mm fans so they spins @ full speed all the time??? Moronic thermaltake doesnt answer i literally burn 120e for this ####case wich sounds like hurricane with 2x200mm @ 800rpm... Does anyone have solution to solder cables to connect on mobo and 3pin??? Or to go to store and broke case on some TT representative heads???
  2. I have a TT Sync Controller, 2 240mm riing fans and 3 120mm riing fans with an ASUS Crosshair VIII motherboard with current BIOS. The 3 120mm fans should have a maximum RPM of 1500-ish, but no matter what I do, I can't get over ~750 RPM. I have a PWM cable connected from the side of the controller with the 3 fans. I've set the BIOS fan controller to 100% and checked its RPM in the monitor, it shows ~750RPM. When I set it to 50%, it shows ~375 RPM. Without PWM cable connected, the fan speed doesn't seem to operate at its fastest speed (I would expect 1500 without PWM control on this controller). When I switch over to the TT Riing Plus controller that connects directly to USB, I can use the TT Software to reach 1500 RPM. To me, this seems to imply that the Sync controller is estimating the maximum RPM incorrectly. Do I have a defective controller?
  3. I have a Thermaltake level 20 mt argb case, I want to control case fan speed so, tell me how to control fan speed with connector details. Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Z390
  4. I actually figured out my issue...but now cant figure out how to delete my topic, so now this has turned into a "Hey, how do you delete your topic in the Thermaltake Forums" post haha.
  5. Hi guys, I bought the Thermaltake View 37 ARGB Chassis. But at the moment i am not able to control the fan speed and lights at the same time. I can control the color of the fans using Mystic Light but my computer sounds like an airplane because the fans are always at full speed. As soon as I disconnect the MOLEX power connector for the fan controller I am able to control the fan speed, but then the Lights are off. I connected the FAN-4 header with a SYS FAN Header on my Mainboard (MSI Gaming Pro Carbon) in DC Mode. If I am wrong please tell me what to do. How did you connect the fan controller? I am really frustrated because I can't figure out what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi Everyone, I just purchased the Commander FT Fan Controller but I am unable to stop / turn off any off the fans when in manual mode. I can increase the speeds but only reduce to a minimum speed (not OFF). I have tried using the slider, the +/- buttons but can't work it out. This is the first Fan Controller I have every used so it's probably a rookie error.... Thanks.
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