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Found 7 results

  1. I just purchased a Thermaltake Smart BX1 650W power supply from Amazon, and despite having used the unit for less than a month, I have been encountering persistent issues since its installation. From the outset, my computer exhibited problems, including failure to post, with the fans and power LED running but no output displayed on the monitor. To rectify this issue, I initially disconnected my graphics card from the PSU, which allowed the computer to turn on. After reconnecting the graphics card, the problem seemed to be resolved temporarily. However, over the course of usage, my computer has encountered various setbacks, such as sudden shutdowns without warning. These instances would often result in failed restart attempts with the same initial posting issue. Furthermore, whenever I unplugged the AC cord and reconnected it, the computer would be unable to post unless I disconnected several devices from the PSU. The problems persist despite my confidence that the wattage requirement of my computer setup should be well below the power supply's capacity of 650W. At present, my computer is entirely unresponsive; the fans start for a brief moment, the power LED remains lit, but the system fails to initialize, and attempting a forced shutdown through the power button yields no results. I am certain that my power supply is just defective but maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I wanted to see what you guys think about my issue.
  2. I was wondering if the bottem wall/floor of the Core P6 Tempered Glass can be removed like the front-, top- and backpanel, so it is a fully open case. This would be important to know when you want to wall mount the PC, in which case the stand/the bottom part would not be necessary or even be ugly. But it also looks like the bottom part is a support for the power supply, so I am not pretty sure if its removable or not. Unfortunately, I could not find any build on the internet that has this case wall mounted – only the Thermaltake Core P3 TG. But like the Thermaltake Core P3 TG, the Core P6 Tempered Glass has wallmount holes on the back.
  3. I'm just finishing up a (nearly) all white build with the Core P3 Pro Snow. Been working on it slowly over a few days as parts come in and am thrilled with how it looks so far. Surprisingly, I find that I don't have a great first impression of the glass panel though, due to the tint. I figured the grey/black tint to the glass would make everything look better (otherwise, why would it be included?) but I think I'd prefer 100% transparent/clear glass. Does anyone know if there's a clear glass alternative part that I could order? I can't find it anywhere on the TT store site, of course, but it doesn't look as if there's much there in terms of replacement parts. The only option I could find is a curved glass replacement, which I actually am tempted by, but that is tinted also. Alternatively, does anyone have any recommendations or experience with getting custom glass for cases? I feel like its going to be prohibitively expensive to custom order something with the right size and cut-outs but maybe not! Thank you to anyone who has advice!
  4. Hi im searching for a PCIe 4.0 riser cable for the core p5. Ive looked at the 4.0 from TT but it looks slightly different than the TT 3.0 i own. Could somebody please help me find a fitting cable or tell me if the TT 4.0 is ok?
  5. Does anyone know off the top of their head, what the thread size for the motherboard standoffs are, on The Tower 900? My PC is 2 states away, and I'm trying to find taller ones, so I can do some clean cable management.
  6. I was using the 360mm AIO and 5 plus fans with their original controllers but have since bought the new 9 port hub. First issue is my mobo has only 4 pin RGB headers 12v so is incompatible. Annoying as until this point i stupidly assumed aura sync was a simple 'it just works option', I was wrong. Thought for now ill forgo the RGBness to just use the hub and have Qcontrol look after the fan speeds. This doesn't work either. I have 1 PWM connector plugged into CPU FAN 1 and all three of those fans are contorlled by Qcontrol. I then have 3 plugged in via CHAFAN1 and 2 on CHAFAN2. These 2 will only PWM one fan? so i have 3 fans out of the 8 just on max!! Really dont want to go back to the original controllers unless i absolutely have to, any ideas?
  7. Hey Guys, I purchased the thermaltake tower 900 and I am trying to install the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 360mm AIO cooler. I see in the manual for the tower 900 that this AIO cooler can be installed in/on the HDD cage. I was wondering how to install the AIO cooler in this specific case. Thanks.
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