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  1. Never mind, I just realized that it would mess up my I/O mounting... Time for a new idea on that cable.
  2. Does anyone know off the top of their head, what the thread size for the motherboard standoffs are, on The Tower 900? My PC is 2 states away, and I'm trying to find taller ones, so I can do some clean cable management.
  3. I would like to be able to pick what temp sensor to control the fans by, be able to set up custom fan curves, and as another person said, turn an individual fan off when not needed. I'm using a Tower 900 case, with 10 Thermaltake fans and 2 pumps. 4 fans on CPU radiator, which I would love to be able to use my water temp sensor to control. I would turn each individual fan on as the water temp rises, and once all fans are running at 33%, my curves would go up as required. The CPU temp bounces around a lot as I do different jobs, yet the fans really don't need to spin up, unless the water temp rises, and this would allow us people who are trying to keep noise levels down, to seriously tweak our fans.... Also, give us the option to manually punch in the numbers we want, and to use decimal points, because water cooled people will see a water temp range of around 10 degrees, give or take, and those temps are going to be substantially lower than CPU and GPU temps. This is why we need it to be fully customizable. Call it advanced mode, and for all I care, you can have a big window popup that says, "Don't F*****G touch advanced mode, if you don't know what you're doing!" Another reason to allow us to pick the sensors, would be the GPU loop. Right now, I have CPU temps and CPU temps only, to set my GPU fans by... That's just silly. Another reason... The case has a fan that causes air to flow past the VRM/Memory and one that blows air across the the PCH. We should be able to use temp sensors related to those portions of the motherboard, to control those fans... I understand that you're trying to make the software user friendly, but people who build custom loops, are OCD enough, that they want to have ultimate control..
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