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Found 4 results

  1. I do have the problem that the RGB Controller that runs 3 Toughfan 12 RGB and a DP100-D5 Distroplate looses connection to the RGB Plus Software. So when I turn on the computer the MX2 Waterblock, R2 Monitor and 4x Toughram DDR5 start using the color profile that I defined while the toughfans and the Distroplate go on in RGB waves as they do when I turn on the computer. I have changed the USB slots of the motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix Z790E) as well as the USB-C connector of the cables to see if it is an USB issue. My questions are: - can I preset the components controlled by the motherboard (MX2, R2, 4x Toughram DDR5) and the ones controlled by the RGB controller (3x Toughfan 12 RGB, DP100-D5 Distroplate) so that the RGB is shut off when I start the computer and then only start coloring when RGB Plus Software kicks in? - how can I make sure that the RGB Controller does not loose connection to the RGB Plus software once in a while? - how can I make sure that the MX2 and R2 are shut off when the computer has shut down? Currently they are still showing liquid temperature even though the other RGB components are down? - is there a better way to synch the motherboard controlled and rgb controller controlled items? Thanks for you help
  2. Is it possible to connect a Thermaltake TT Sync RGB Controller - TT Premium Edition to a Motherboard using anything other than a 5v header in order to control ARGB components? I have a Gigabyte H510M S2H motherboard and would like to be able to customise the RGB on my TT AIO Cooler & Fans
  3. HELP, PLEASE!!! I have the TT GT 20 Black Edition and came equipped with 4x200mm RGB fans. The top ones are connected to the little board which comes with the case and the front ones I managed to connect in the four-pin fan headers. They are spinning but no RGB. I looked for some adaptor, and I managed to find which it seems to be compatible, but the pin connectors are different than the holes of the fans` connectors. My motherboard does not have Aura Sync. It is a ROG Asus Maximus VIII Ranger. Is there any adaptor to connect the nine pin connector fan to my four-pin fan motherboard? Thank you
  4. Hi I have a Thermaltake Versa J22 TG RGB case and an Asus Prime X470 Pro motherboard with a Ryzen 7 CPU. Controling the LEDs works fine using Asus' AURA software. But how can I control the fan speed of the chassis fans? This case comes with a built-in controller which is connected as shown below (except for FAN4 which is not connected). The USB cable is connected to a USB2 port on the MB, SATA power cable is connected and the RGB cable as well. Windows device manager does not show any warnings about unconnected devices. I've been trying with Asus Fan Xpert 4 (part of AISuite) but the chassis fans aren't detected. I've also been trying with TT RGB PLus software but when I open it I get this error: "Could not find Fan Controller, please check the Fan Controller is connected. Error Code: H_0x0001". I'm not sure if TT RGB Plus is the right software for this controller - is it? Or is there another software I should take? Any help is appreciated.
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