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Found 5 results

  1. So I bought a Core X71 Tempered Glass edition case for a HEDT build. I have the case configured already, but I have a few questions. Firstly, the case is huge. While not as big as the Core WP series, I still think it's size is towering compared to my past builds that I'm surprised that it's not classified as a super tower. Because of it's size, I would like to have castor wheels on it instead of stands, because it's clear that this build won't ever have a place on my desk. Is it possible to fit the castor wheels for the Core WP series cases onto the Core X series cases? If yes, where can I buy the wheels? Secondly, I want to buy another set of drive bays so I can have 6 drives attached to the case to do RAID-50 (my plan is to create two RAID-5 arrays in BIOS then join these two arrays in a RAID-0 using Windows Storage Spaces). The front panel mounting is full as I already used the space for a Commander FT and a second set of USB3 and USB2 ports. I know I can move the stand and bays from the main compartment to the lower compartment, meaning I can install a second set in the lower compartment as well as keep the first set on the main compartment. How do I order another set of drive stands and bays to use for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. can i put a Floe Riing RGB 280 TT Premium Edition in the front of a core x71? in the manual it says 420 and 480mm, but according to this topic http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/53014-core-x71-multiple-radiators-question/ staff suggest a 360mm in front So can I go any lower then that, cuz i really like the floe riing, but only want to go up to the 280mm money wise Ibu
  3. Hi all. So I have my PC set up without the custom loop (I have not purchased the parts yet, hence why I am asking for advice in advance). The AIO is in the top of the case and set up. I've got a total of 12 fans in the case, all are TT premium RGBs. 3 x 120mm on the AIO. I replaced the rear stock fan with a 140mm RGB. On the front are 3 140mm fans. Bottom left are 3 x 120mm and bottom right is 2 x 140mm. I'm not going to use TT Rads due to aluminium vs copper loop. I'll be using TT flexi tube as well as TT pacific adapters. In terms of cooling, the only non-TT items will be the rads and the coolant. The pump/res combo is the PR22-D5 Plus. Right so now we know what's going inside, the issue I'm likely going to be faced with is how to fit the PR22-D5 Plus. Looking at the measurements, the height won't be a problem (all drive bays removed) it's 94.1mm vs 87.4mm at its base. I think my issue is going to be that I can only attach one of the mounting brackets due to the size of the Poseidon card and because of the really large gap below where the drive bays were - see the attached photos. How do I go about attaching the pump? Do I need to get something made to mount the pump properly? I could turn the mount 90 degrees so that 1 screw from each base mount gets a hole... Thanks for your help. -G
  4. Hi all, Just placed my order for my Core X71 (Glass) case and Corsair HX750i Modular Power supply to begin modding. Few things in mind, but firstly I want to strip the case and PSU, and change the bulk of the colour to white. Overall colour scheme will be blue, white and black, so I want the main frame white, with the motherboard tray black, with blue highlights where I can. Will remove the rivets and sand back the powder-coat, but I may do some welding on the back-plate as well. Watch this space...
  5. I'm wondering - and I think the answer is probably no - if it would be possible to mount a small radiator/fan assembly on the top of the core X71 when I already have the 360 Riing radiator mounted on the top. There is room left at the top but I don't the mounting points exist for the screws. The reason is I'm curious if I get a GTX1080 with a prebuilt LCS - like the MSI Sea Hawk, if it would even be possible to mount. Unfortunately, I had to use the top bay to mount my power supply because for some reason it won't fit in the bottom - although I could probably move the power supply down and find a way to mount it there and then definitely be able to use the rear plate for the fan/radiator. Alternatively I could remove the 140mm fan that is included on the back of the chassis and mount the LCS radiatior there, I guess? I don't want to move that fan but it may be the only convenient option.
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