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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I own a Ventus Z mice, with the Avago sensor, pretty nice sensor it feels like an optical in all regards, I have the mouse for 6 months as my main for gaming. However, days a go, while I was in a middle of a game the sensor stop working, wasn't responding and stuck in a jitter. I didn't know what happen, so I unplugged and plug back in, the problem keeps happening, so I tap around the sensor lens (no directly) and start to work again. I play at 3900 dpi, but very low ingame sensitivity so I pick up the mouse from the pad quite often. After this incident, happen again and fix it with the same knocking with the finger tips around the sensor... then however I felt like the dpi sensitivy has changed. So, I went to the Commander Software and the sensitivity was still at 3900 but it felts very sluggish, I have to ramp up to 4300 to have the same 360 turn on FPS games, meaning the same sensitivity/control before the sensor issue. There is no sensor rattle I can hear on the mouse. Any help support will be much appreciated.
  2. FINALLY THE LAST WEEK, let's begin with WEEK 12! THE LAST WEEK FOR OUR THERON PLUS+ WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! FOUR LUCKY ONES will be picked...RANDOMLY! Also, lucky ones will be contacted via Private Message! NOTE: Lucky ones need to reply my Private Message in 7 days! or else we will pick another lucky one! ................................................................................................................................ WHAT YOU NEED TO DO 1) Become a member for our Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ Community & Data Management Platform (required) (You will need to upload a photo...any photo of yours or avatar...we suggest you to upload your photo, so I know how you look like! hahaha) 2) Register our Tt FORUM! as you need to be a member in order for you to comment! (required) 3) Leave a Comment (look at the example below for what to comment) (required) EXAMPLE: "I'VE REGISTERED! PICK ME! by TtJOSH" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "TtJOSH" is my username for Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform! So you will need to USE YOUR OWN USERNAME for Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I noticed some of you commented before but I can't locate your account from the Platform! Make sure you guys register the Platform! If not, your comment will not be counted! Here's the link to register: http://plus.ttesports.com/en
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