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Thermaltake Urban S31 Midi Gaming Case

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Hi all. My new case arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased. I do have one issue though. The dust filter in the top has a habit of sliding out on it's own when the case is tilted, and when you push it back in, it tends to fall inside the top panel. 



The only way to prevent it from falling inside is to hold it in place from the inside when you slide it back in. Is there any way to solve this issue or is there a problem with my filter?



I haven't had chance to even start my build yet, so as things stand so far I am pretty happy with the look of the case. 

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Welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out to us!


The top filter that slides into the slot at the top should be solid. When pressing it in, make sure you press it in all the way. It will get to a point before going all the way in where there is a stop and then a final press should lock it into position. (this is the top filter that slides out the back)


Tilting it or moving it around it should be good, if you have any further troubles take some pics if you can and post them up.


Feel free to contact me directly or our support team as well! (Info below)

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Hi Mike, thanks for the warm welcome and advice, and it's done the trick. After the filter dropped into the top section a few times last night, I think I was worried about applying too much force to see if it would lock into place. And it did so without a issue. Problem solved. 



May I also ask, was this case meant to come with a USB3.0 to 2.0 adapter as standard by any chance? I have quite an ancient mobo without the 3.0 header, and was hoping the S31 either came with an adaptor, or maybe even a 3.0/2.0 splitter?



Also, I am going to raid my old case fans and wonder which fan splitter would work with 3 pin fan connectors - I only have 2 case fan headers on my mobo? I have just purchased this one from Amazon UK, but I have a feeling it maybe the incorrect one for my needs: Akasa AK-CBFA03-45 Flexa FP5 PWM Splitter Cable http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B005EKU5CO/ref=pe_385721_37038051_TE_3p_dp_1



Any further advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. 



EDIT: I forgot to mention - the screw accessories don't have a handy motherboard standoff adapter to screw them in firmly. I'm sure I'll manage when I begin my build, but they are quite small and a bit fiddly. 

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Great to hear!


The Urban S31 comes with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 headers, but no adapter for the 3.0 if your motherboard does not support.


Do some searching there is adapters out there, unfortunately we are out of stock @TT Buy P/N: AC0029


You can use the (2) USB 2.0 ports in the meantime :)


I can't really speak for non thermaltake products, but any Molex to 3pin should be fine, just make sure the connection is solid.


Good luck with the build and don't forget to post up some pictures in our forums when you get it setup!

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