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stack core v21


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With the Core V21 by spec we have on the website we recommend max rad in front up to 540mm. (See below)


But, with the V21 you have about 12" of space, stacked will give you around 609mm in the front.


We do also mention on our product page:



"The maximum radiator length supported is 600mm at the front of the stack."


So have at it and please show it off once you get it put together!



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From the inside of the front panel to the edge of the motherboard tray you have around 115mm of space to work with.

which means you are able to fit double side fan on a 64mm thick radiator.
for the height, the case itself has 336mm, if you would take out the stands, the structure, panel thickness and etc., it gives you around 310mm for a single unit
and when you stack two of them together it comes to 620mm in total height for you to work with.
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