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Tt Modded Cases 2009 ~ 2014 Pick Your Winner!

Tt Andy

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tt modding v3.jpg


We had a lot of cool and exciting builds displayed at our past exhibitions, write a comment below on which one you think is best and why for a chance to win a GOrb II !! 


Entries will close on 2015/03/02


Note: There is only 1 entry per Tt community account, multiple posts will be removed from the event. 

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I'm gonna have to go with Daniel McGrath's "Aztec". The dude put so much detail into it, it's practically mind-blowing. I also watched the entire progress, via the internet, of that and many other mods from that mod contest event which the Aztec was a part of, and every single update was like a delicious, gooey and warm cookie to be savored, lol. The keyboard and mouse (added soon thereafter) were icing on the cake.


Btw, what's up with this? "The requested URL /uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-54-0-36500400-1424064936.jpg was not found on this server."

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