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RL-240 Water Kit / Core V21 Build Photos

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I started to build a system featuring the RL-240 Water Cooling Kit and the amazing Core V21 case.


For a while I had a problem figuring out just where and how to mount the large pump/reservoir. I did a bit of custom mounting... easy... just a few holes...

so I've decided to share the build up to this point. I have a few 90 Degree fittings on order to make my life a bit easier...

 Note: You can even adjust the pump speed easily as the adjustment dial is exposed thru a cutout in the front :) (already available).

The mount for the far end of the reservoir is made from 2 old expansion slot covers. Edit: Now Painted Black.










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Hello Wingfat, awesome build indeed!


Just wondering how will you fill and bleed your system as the reservoir is in horizontal orientation and your components are quite close.

We would suggest tipping your case to its side so that your reservoir in in vertical orientation. this will allow you to fill your reservoir with less problems, just remember to keep your fill port open when bleeding air and testing loop. We suggest about 24- 48 hours testing without the fill port on to eliminate pressure buildup.


Good luck on the build :)

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I did indeed turn the system vertical while filling and bleeding excess air. I would have preferred to orient the D5 vertically but there was little if any clearance to do so. Although ascetics is important to me function and performance are paramount.


Progress so far.... Dealing with microfoam. Put a few drops of cascade in the system. Pump was set at 5... had to turn it down to 2.






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Looking good man! looks much more colorful with the coolant inside!

We would sill suggest leaving the fill port cap loose or off for at least another 24 hours to make sure ALL the air is bled out just to be sure, sometimes the bubbles can be very small and might cause problems in the future

Anyway great build, looking forward to seeing more :)

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Wiring 101... Finished wiring the system... What a great case to work with! 


Whats inside?


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97MX Gaming 5

Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 1600

Hard Drive: WD Black Series WD3003FZEX 3TB

SSD: Samsung Pro 850 128GB

Case: Thermaltake Core V21

Cool Master 140mm Fan

CPU: Intel i7-4790K

Thermaltake Pacific LCS RL-240 Water Cooling Kit

Thermaltake 90 & 45 degree connectors

Power Supply: Seasonic X Series  SS-650KM  650w 80 Plus Gold













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