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Guest Tt Paul

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Guest Tt Paul

The POSEIDON Z Forged – Brown Switch Edition – the flawless black brushed aluminum faceplate with cut-edge designed Mechanical keyboard. Easy reachable ports and multimedia keys. The POSEIDON Z Forged features Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches, rated for 50 million keystrokes, built-in USB ports, sound-card, superlative pre-configured lighting zone combinations & the world’s first 5 Year Warranty on a Mechanical gaming keyboard.




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Guest Tt Paul

Here comes the POSEIDON Z Forged key features and video:

  • Flawless aluminum look
  • Adjustable glowing LED backlightings
  • Up to 100 Marco Keys
  • Advanced Instant Shift System(ISS)
  • On-board DAC amplifier USB sound card
  • Tt Certified Blue/Brown switch with 5 year warranty


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Guest Tt Josh



With the DAC Audio Microcontroller Unit (MCU) containing digital programmable gain amplifier, audio output quality is beyond satisfactory for gaming with the 48kHz/8kHz sampling rate and 16-bit PCM ADC operates at 8/16kHz for the Microphone input. DAC amplifier definitely gives a deep, powerful, clearer and balanced sound.


*Ensure choosing the right audio input/output (Control Panel > Sound) after the installation as POSEIDON Z Forged was designed with a built-in Audio MCU.

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I have to say I am WOWed by this keyboard! Here are my first impressions.


1) Sounds better than brand C's K7* cherry red. This is more silent.

2) Key caps doesn't feel plastic. Feels like something else and I hope it stays that way after long period of use.

3) Love the lighting effects! the other MKB I use doesn't have that. 

4) Very heavy keyboard! It feels solid! I'm ready for a sudden zombie apocalypse now! LOL


5) I forgot, this uses a single USB port only. the K7* uses two LOL. 


I miss having the dedicated media keys on the upper-right corner of the keyboard though.




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Guest Tt Josh

Just wondering, any guide about the macros? I wanted to add media player shortcut keys in the macros. Other than recording the fn+media keys, any other way of doing it?

Also custom lighted keys other than the preset ones. Thanks

Here's the LINK for the user guide.

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