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Smart series 750 vs 850m same internal design?

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Hi, I'm thinking to buy one thermaltake smart standart 750(non modular) and I read a nice review of the smart 850m (modular) 


So my question is if that review applys to the smart standart 750 as well

my wonder come from a review that i read about the 630 and 730 smarts (Different OEP than the new 750 & 850 smart)


it says: "The Smart 730 W is not a 630 W model with "stronger" components; it actually uses a different printed circuit board and, therefore, a different platform" 

and both 730 and 630 are manufactured by HEC

So now I'm really confused :(

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Welcome to the Tt Community and thanks for posting!


They are different.


Check this review here on the SP-750M


why you say that?

in hardocp review: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2014/06/16/thermaltake_smart_sp850m_850w_power_supply_review/3#.VTW9zyF_NBc

them say "Once we open the Thermaltake SP-850M, we see what appears to be a CWT PUQ based design"

and in the sp-750m say: "the platform is new and named PUQ"

And the images looks pretty similars

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Hello magonman23


Smart standard 750W (non-modular) and Smart 850W (modular) have different platforms inside, here is a review for the Smart standard 750W (non-modular):


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