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Project Kallax Casemod


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Hello everybody,


my name is Fabian Schweiger, I'm 24years old and I'm living in Germany.



this project will be my first big project. I'm atm in the planning phase. but i have made 4 Sketches from my idea of what i wanna do.


i wil update this thread as soon as possible after made some new progress in that Casemod.


but i can you tell exactly witch Hardware it will get.


Case: IKEA Kallax 4cage modded

MoBo: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark1 or Z87 Sabertooth

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K or Intel Core i7-4790K

GPU: Asus StriX GTX970

RAM: 16GB Avexir Raiden Series DDR3-2133

PSU: modded Tt Grand Platinum 850W

FANs: Tt Riingfans 120mm white led

Watercooling: sponsored by Thermaltake Dual Loop System with 2 560mm Radiators


I'm really excited to show you everyone, what i have planned and how it's going it's way from the start to the End.


Also here are my First Sketches where you can see what i've planned to do and also you can see the Case, the Picture is from Google. but i have it already here.






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Today i can annonce that all cables will be sleeved from Sascha Moeske aka http://modworkx.de/. follow him on Facebook under Modworkx :)


the next days i will also announcing a new changed sketch, but first we will nedd the time to lay down our new flooring in the new apartment before i can start working on my project,also I'm helping my wife do find and plan her own casemod featuring the Thermaltake Core V21 Case :)

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today i'm uploading an improve sketch from the interior :) i only need to think about how and where i will put the SSD's and witch Mainboard will be used. the rest will stay like you see on the sketch.


soon i will start working on the case to put in some modifications for the hardware.


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the first steps are done today. now we have a 2 hrs time of beeing silence -_- so i needed to stop working


but i have changed a first thing on the Kallax Casemod. I have made my own Motherboard tray some other things i will update today after the 2 hrs break.


also i received on friday my first package from Thermaltake =)


nice stuff so far




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Hey fellows =)


today i had some time to upload some new worklog photos =)


i did the first Connectiontube fitting two more will follow, but i missing some new tools for a faster work so i need to improve and do it on another way i planned.


Also i changed the Position of the hole system, like you can see on the pictures. but i hope it will be a pleasure for you watching them =D


feel free to say your things what you're thinking and having in your mind =)














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  • 1 month later...

The open parts in the right wall will be closed with the original parts, which I saved in our basement and later it will the entire interior covered with acrylic plates.


Perhaps with a nice whetstone from Modworkx


Please don't be mad with me for that bad look atm


it's my first casemod.


We found some time to bend the tubes. I haven't any tools for it, only a siliconfulltube from Monsoon and my Heatgun


I know it's not perfect but for the first tries, I think the, are quite good  I did some bad angles for bending but found a way to do it and everything fit perfectly, even it's not looking like that


Now I need to wait for money to buy a new GPU, perhaps I will find some time and money around Christmas











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  • 3 weeks later...

i know its a bit weird with me but i changed it again, but this time it will stay at these Design, but it will be improved over the next few months to get the perfect matching of color style and performance =)


also i need to thanks Modworkx https://www.facebook.com/Modworkxfor his help =)


he repainted my DPS G 750W PSU and will doing some custom sleeves =)





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  • 4 weeks later...

My Actually Stand from Project Kallax is this one =)


it has changed some things but i'm needing to wait for my acrylic plates, which will be done custom made for me. to hide the radiators on top and having some special waterflowing ways in them =)


also i received my Sponsoring Packet from KLEVV with a quadkit of DDR4 Cras dimms. two dimms with red light and two dimms with white light combined with two 240GB SSD's from them.

don't worry about the pictures. they sended me 2 kits with red dimms and 2 kits with white dimms instead of one kit with 2 red and 2 white dimms. The rest of the Kits will going back to them.











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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello Guys =)


my actually stand of project kallax and the next steps what i will doing.


its time to create the cover for my skeleton. it will getting a complet acrylic body with an unique foil design on it.


stay tuned for more stuff =)


The Specs so far:

Mainboard: MSI Z170A Gaming PRO
RAM: KLEEV CRAS DDR4-2133 4x4GB mixed 2xred 2xwhite
PSU: Thermaltake DPS G 750W (painted in white)
CPU Block: Thermaltake W2
Pump: 2x Thermaltake Pacific PT40-D5 w/Mod Kit
Radiator: 2x Thermaltake Pacific RL560 Radiator
Fans: 16x Thermaltake Riingfans (5xorange 5xgreen 2xred and 2xblue)

GPU: i'm waiting for my reply from KFA2/Galaxy about there Hall of Fame Series




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today i'm posting another update. the System is already hanging on the wall. on Saturday the CPU arrived.


Its an Intel Core i5-6600k sponsored from Scan Computers UK ( scan.co.uk ) and Shailendra Shelly Raja from Scan Computers UK.


now its time to wait for the gpus arriving and the inner AcrylicCover to getting complete :> i hope i will be finishing it in the next months to have everything fitting =D







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I have done some more stuff at the last days. its not so much, but the time at the moment is completly getting used by our 2 weeks old daugther, who needs to stay at the hospital for a longer time, cause she was born 6 weeks to early.


but i hope you will like my newest progress.


i only need to wait for the last pieces of my parts and then i can finally build it to the final result.


stay tuned.







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