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  1. I can dig it Jess, allot put in this one buddy. I'll be in touch if I ever do my A10 Warthog Mod for tips one the chaingun build... Excellent work!
  2. Dig the way you solve your shipping issues Brian. Sweet mod, it's also earthquake proof.
  3. @Wana7262 You have no reason to hold back man, you have potential, GO FOR IT!
  4. Bad MOBO... Cost of benching stuff for a review site. Table top benched new MOBO with all the other hardware quickly without WC and coded out good. Now to rebuild the system, AGAIN
  5. Bare with me. I booted up and Error Code 36 CPU... I am using a old CPU I used for Benching, testing, OC'ing for reviews and it's likely problematic. Now I get to tear down the LOOP and fix and rebuild. LESSON? Hard Line tubing is best done AFTER ALL of the hardware is checked and benched 1st. It's OK, I had a few ideas I wanted to play with anyway. May even use the Rotary adapter on the Laser unit and etch some tubing. We are not supposed to etch PETG in the unit but ours is vented very well so I'll find out the why PETG in a laser is restricted.
  6. LOL never reached my quota for "LIKES" positive votes before... MOD ON' Bob !,,!, Over the top as usual... ^5
  7. 2012 Ron Lee Christianson's Iron Man!
  8. AlShuryan


    Concept of the 3D Dragon element So many paints used in this project Side window after Laser etching Here is the 3D printed Dragon Face Working on making parts clear for glow thru lighting Finished Dragon after hand painting
  9. I really dig the art work done found related to this MOD PUNISHER and Me Bending and cabling NAMASTE Chris Kyle Profile Christopher Scott Kyle was born and raised in Texas and was a United States Navy SEAL from 1999 to 2009. He is currently known as the most successful sniper in American military history. According to his book American Sniper, he had 160 confirmed kills (which was from 255 claimed kills). A claimed kill refers to a shot where the round hits the target, but cannot confirm the kill. Chris Kyle served as a Navy SEAL in 4 tours in the latest Iraq war. For his bravery and mi
  10. Tubing and LOOP DONE! I have to say PETG is FUN to work with compared to acrylic hardline. Decided to include the MonsooN Dual Bay Res/Pump (D5) to the loop. Mobo Riser standoff's worked perfectly to mount the Pacific PT40-D5 pump/res. That little space makes a big difference in how it looks inside the Urban T81 case. LOVE the V-Tubler PETG Tube. I've worked with acrylic hardline before with all it's issues like getting brittle if you heat and bend more than once, scorching, chipping and I've had it crack and shatter. PETG V-Tubler tubing has not shown any of those problems. BE CAREFUL us
  11. AlShuryan

    At Doom's gate

    Really Dig This DOOM Mod... Well crafted hand works. ^5 MOOZ
  12. Really dig the mod and can tell we have a car enthusiast working on this... I would like to know the process of counter sinking the vent holes in the side panel. Are the RADS polished to get the look?
  13. AlShuryan


    This MOD will use the Thermaltake Core X2 m-Atx case This was the DRAGON I'd like to use but finding an image that will render to a 3D print is a real effort many DRAGONS in Chinese folklore represent Good Luck and Well wishes as does this one that I'd like to incorporate some how This DRAGON lives in a LAVA Castle Ruins and need to model after this, rocks, lava and landscape I did find a DIABLO 3 Evil Underlord that renders to 3D fairly well
  14. PUNISHER V 2.0 is blending American Sniper Chris Kyle elements to the Movie PUNISHER original. A new front door laser etched to include these sweet Seal Team 3 elements Chris Kyle's award decorations The new laser etched Urban T81 front Door. With the settings on the 40W laser just right you can burn off the annodized paint showing the back side of the paint that's a white shade. Any more powerful and it would burn thru to metal. The graphics I worked up are all "raster" not vector for this work. Compresion fittings came for the hardline loop. Still trying to decide 1 loop or 2 loops? Buil
  15. Ron Lee and Brian Carter will give everyone a good run. Enjoy the MOD'!
  16. AlShuryan

    Core X9

    Scrapped? Make the space you need or double up and stack...
  17. Thanks for sharing Rod! Sweet MOD, gives me some ideas.
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