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Hey, I have bought a rig from a website that puts pieces of your hardware wanted together, and along with it, I added a keyboard, called the TTeSports Challenger (P/N:KB-CHL002US). This was back in December of 2013. I put it in, and it was working fine, but my computer was having graphics problems, and once I solved the problem with my computer (I attempted a VGA cable, but needed an HDMI), the keyboard stopped working. I am 100% sure the usb port is fine, and I don't know why the keyboard doesn't work. I plug it in, and my computer recognizes it (makes the sound when a USB is put in).. Very rarely, when I unplug it, and put it back in, the backlight for the Caps Lock and the "Tt" at the bottom light up.. but it's only for about a second or two, and it then shuts off. I have downloaded the driver, and would like to have this problem solved..





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