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Riing feedback.

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I haven't had the chance to install them yet so I can't comment on how they look lit up or if they live up to the pretty good specs Thermaltake posted for them. They look pretty good without the light ring on though. The reason they're not installed is that I'm going to have to sleeve them before I can use them. The sleeving on these fans is literally the worst job I've ever seen. The sleeving is too big for the wires, it's too short and leaves a bunch of bare wire exposed, and you left a big bump in the heatshrink from the sleeving not going all the way to the end. Thermaltake, I shouldn't have to post this for a professional company, but I apparently do anyway so go watch this tutorial. This is how you sleeve a fan properly.



So far the sleeving is my only disappointment with them. Other than that I like them.

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