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Project "Duel" (yes, Duel. not Dual.)

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We now have a name!

Introducing Project Duel!
(Yes, Duel. not Dual)


*Case: stacked Core X9
*CPU: i7 4790k

*mobo: Asus Z87 Gryphon (with armor kit)
Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB (4x8GB)
GPU: Sapphire 7990

*PSU: EVGA 1200w SuperNova P2 Platinum
*SSD: Kingston HyperX Savage 240GBx2 RAID 0


*FrozenQ 400mm Blue Helix Reservoir
*Alphacool 240mm radiator w/ D5 (model escapes me)
rigid tubing (yet to be determined)
Bitspower fittings
*Swiftech Apogee XL CPU Block
*XSPC GPU blocks

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Batman!!! With a Blue and Black theme, and then just do a batman symbol on the side, and create something like a utility belt for it, and have it around the middle of the stacked cases.

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okay, so ive been pretty lazy updating this. sorry about that.

after getting the V21's, the project has been supersized, and this is what we are looking at now.

Intel i7 4790k @ 5Ghz
ASUS TUF Z87 Gryphon (with armor)
32GB (4x8GB) Avexir Raiden 2133Mhz (painted black)
Sapphire 295x2 (x2)
Swiftech Apogee XL CPU block
Aquacomputer Kryographics Vesuvius GPU blocks (x2)
FrozenQ LF Reaction 400mm Cylinder Reservoir Black Cap UV Blue Helix (x2)
2x Swiftech 240mm Radiators w/ D5 pumps
18x 120mm Thermaltake Riing Blue fans
tubing will be hard tubing, but exact branding is tbd. same with fittings (but leaning towards Bitspower)
GPU's and CPU will both be on separate loops.
WD 2TB Black HDD
2x240GB Kingston HyperX Savage SSD's in RAID 0
1200w EVGA SuperNova P2 Platinum PSU

as for the casemods, this is what im looking at.

custom 2mm clear plexiglass sides, with my modding business logo engraved into it, these will swing open via suicide doors using CoolerMaster Cosmos II hinges.
a smokey grey/black plexiglass front, with vents at the very top and bottom, with a Tablet mounted in the front, running MSI Afterburner and Kombustor for on-the-fly GPU overclocking.

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im pleased to announce Avexir has jumped on board as my first major sponsor! i cant thank them enough for giving me a chance, and having faith in me. im really looking forward to forging a great relationship with them.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang. It's my first time on here, and I just finished posting my Core V21 build! Here's another crazy thing, I have Avexir's Core series RAM! That's so cool that we have pretty similar builds, aside from all the custom water cooling you have.

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apologies for not keeping this up to date, the project kind of stalled due to a combination of funds (or lack of, haha.) and a lack of time.

ive had a few changes.

Duel is now running a Raijintek Triton with EK UV Coolant. im 100% in love with the block/pump and it just "works" on a horizontal motherboard. at this stage, im very much leaning towards keeping it, and just replacing the soft tubing for rigid.

on top of that, i actually picked up a couple of Core X9's insanely cheap, so im no longer using the stacked V21's. here are some photos of the cases, and the new paint job :D11900082_877432465670273_271004462590290

Ignore the black paint, thats from the previous owners. I also still need to put on extra layers to even out the paint.


This is how Duel stands right now, with the UV LED's and EK UV Coolant. i need to find a replacement for the coolant though, because after 2 weeks, the UV reaction is gone.

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oh, i figured id try and show a size comparison, as every one ive seen (as i found out) never really did it justice.

thats the two X9's next to a CoolerMaster Storm Enforcer and a Thermaltake Core V21. wow11905758_10152930163666470_8739170327271

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