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Individually Sleeved 6+2Pin PCI-E Cable & SATA Cable PSU Compatibility


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Hi there! Does anyone know if these cables, the individually Sleeved 6+2Pin PCI-E Cable & SATA Cable, are compatible with more than just the PSUs they mention in the list. I have a Thermaltake Thoughpower Grand 80 Gold 1200 W Semi-modular (last model), Haswell compliant and I want to move away from the ugly cables that come with it. Please if anyone knows share it with me. Thanks! 



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Some PSU models, based on wattage, have different "pin-outs" for each model on the PSU side. For this if you use a cable that is not compatible, it could cause some major issues.


The pins will always be the same going into the device, just not from the PSU.


Here is our Cable compatibility List:

Individually Sleeved Cable Compatible PSU List_12112014.pdf


Ideally, you would want to look for an extension off the PSU cable.


Other option, get the cable, match the pin-outs and all you would need to do is remove some pins to change them around if needed.


Check with a voltmeter to confirm the pin-out on the stock cable first.

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