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Project 2501 Build Log.


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What I'm currently working on.  Won't be running for another month or two.  Inspiration for this was the anime The Ghost In The Shell.  I wanted to build something that I thought would look like a PC in that movie, and the Snow Edition Level 10 has the perfect look IMO.


Parts list -


Case - Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition

MB - ASUS Formula VII

CPU - Intel i7 4790k - planning to OC

CPU Cooling - Thermaltake AIO Water Extreme 3.0

PSU - EVGA Supernova 1300 G2 (Wanted the White Toughpower 1250 DPS you had at CES, wasn't released so far, but if you're feeling generous.....)

GPU - nVidia 650 ti - (replacing next year to dual GPU's running SLI, using the current one from an older PC that went bad)

RAM - 16 GB G.SKILL Trident X 2400 (2 8GB sticks)

Fans - 2 x ENERMAX T.B. Vegas Duo UCTVD14A 140mm 2 Color (Blue/Red) LED Case Fan

           3 x ENERMAX T.B.VEGAS SINGLE UCTVS12P-R 120mm Case Fan

Mouse - Thermaltake Level 10 gaming mouse - Red

Headphones - Thermaltake Level 10

Keyboard - Thermaltake MEKA G UNIT red illuminated Cherry MX Black

ASUS ROG Front Panel

SSD - Samsung 128 GB Boot drive

HDD - 2 1TB HDD's running in RAID 0

Dual Monitor, will be expanding to tri-monitor set up in the future.


After replacing the video card next year, will install a custom water cooling loop.  Keeping an eye out for the cooling parts Thermaltake had on diaplay at the 2014 CES, might cut the top and make a custom top and put in a three fan rad.  Once it's up and running soon, it will be Project 2501 - Version .5, since it'll still be a work in progress.

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Some shots of the finished product.  Next year I'm going to ditch the 650ti and get a dual SLI setup, tyhen I'm going to set up a custom liquid cooling loop, hopefully Thermaltake will have all their custom pieces available by then.  Running a 128 GB SSD boot drive, with 2, 1 TB HDD's in a RAID 0.  I have 2 spare 1 HDD's that I'm  going to put into a diskless NAS as a backup.  User profiles are moved to the RAID also.

And the DRACONEM mousepad will be arriving next month.






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