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Suppressor F51 | Case Fan Configurations


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Hi everyone,


I just bought a Suppressor F51 this week and I'm tweaking with the fan configurations.  I was curious if anyone else has toyed around with this case and if anyone had any tips.  Here is my general set up...


Bottom: 2x 120 mm Corsair SP 120 (intake)

Front: Suppressor stock 200 mm (intake)

Back: Cool Master CPU radiator + 2x 120 mm fans (intake)

Top: Suppressor stock 140 mm (exhaust)


I'm waiting on three more 140 mm fans, two for the top as exhaust and one on the side as intake.


My overall goal is to push hot air up through the top and draw cool air in from the front, bottom, and back across my radiator and system.


Haven't done a lot of toying with case fan configurations, so would love any advice.





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Is low noise or low temperature more important for you? If you take out the dampening panels from the top, you will get better cooling and more options but also more noise from inside the case, that might be something to consider.


I would recommend switching the back radiator setup to exhaust and exhaust through the back and top. Usually that gives better results.

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