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Hey guys,   Here is another update on the system. Work on the case continues but first I would like to let you guys know the entire spec list   Case – Two modded Thermaltake Core X9s Motherboa

Hey guys!   This should give you a better idea where I'm going with this build!   After cutting up the back panel I decided I will remake it fully but love that I managed to keep the front panel a

Back with another update!   Fixed the motherboard tray to the case and mounted pumps and res.   Just a perfect fit for the little pump and res combo. I cut a small hole for the fittings to come o

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Hi guys!


Seems like I have another update for this build :D


I received some goodies from ASUS and will be making some small changes to the build!


The Sabertooth X99 motherboard has an awesome feature called TUF Detective which is a neat little Android App. It lets you control some features of the bios with ease. It lets you monitor key parameters, detect and diagnose errors and even control the PC's power status.


Should be a neat little feature so I am implementing this tablet into the front panel of the case.


The tablet is an ASUS Memo Pad 7 HD which is perfect for this set up. It's a great little Android tablet with a 7" IPS screen and a battery life of around 10 hours. I'm not sure if keeping it plugged into the motherboard will also charge it but I guess I will find out. I will anyway make it in such a way that it can easily be taken out.


ASUS was also kind enough to provide an ROG SLI bridge for the two Strix 970s in the build!


Here are the goodies!














Comes with two SLI bridges that can be easily swapped around depending on the SLI setup of your motherboard. It also has a separate molex cable to light up the LED for older graphics cards that don't automatically light up the LED on the bridge.




Thanks for checking it out!


Stay tuned for the upgrade :D






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Hi guys!


The Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational competition has come to an end however I still wanted to do some changes on this build.


The sidepanel covers have been added and also I've integrated the ASUS MemoPad7 into the front panel of the build, this will be used with the TUF Detective feature on the ASUS X99 Sabertooth motherboard.


Let have a look at the progress!


First off I pulled the acrylic off the front panel.




A hole for the tablet to fit through was cut






The tablet was then attached with some double sided tape to another piece of acrylic so that I can easily take it out. That is then screwed into the original acrylic piece.








Thanks for checking it out guys and stay tuned for more!


Will be a pretty quick upgrade :)






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