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TT Water3.0 ARGB Sync Pump Speed

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Hi, I'm Andreas and live in Spain. I bought in June2020 a Thermaltake Water 3.0 120 ARGB Sync. On the case it says that the pump runs with 3000rpm. I connected her on the pumpheader of my MSI Z390-A Pro and it just shows 1440rpm. Itryed a Sys-Fan header and a direct connection to the powersupply but it never runs faster than 1440rpm. And sometime i start the PC the pump doesn't even start and my pc shuts down shortly.   What is the point. I found out, that the 240 and 360 version even should run with 3600rpm on the pump, but people in some internet forums complaining, that their pumps just run on 1800rpm. Is this a ripoff tho the costumers or just an error in your development....????

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Thank you for supporting Thermaltake.

It is because the pump of our AIO is dual-phase design, an BIOS normally reads four-phase numbers, therefore you will find the pump speed in BIOS is half of its real speed, dont worry, the pump is actually running with 3000rpm.



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