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TT Pure plus case fan LEDS solid white with some RGB glitching out


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Hello, I have had a problem. Today I got the TT Pure Plus 12 case fans, 3 Pack with a controller. I hook it up, fans 1 and 2 work great as expected but the 3rd fan has a solid white and the LEDS are almost like glitching all over the place. I will attach a video. I tried changing ports on the controller with no luck also selecting the proper fans in the software. Still nothing. I'm really confident this may be a defect. 

Here is the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KiDrCxrtZnlZ8k4THajdqeBtgrgThoTP/view?usp=sharing

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May I know your MB, CPU, OS version. and any other TT RGB Plus products you connected?

Did you turn on any other MB light control software?

Did you try to turn off TT RGB Plus? 

If Yes, all these 3 fans run the default lighting mode or the 3rd runs different lighting?  

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Hi! I have the Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X. Its connected via the USB header on the board. The CPU is a i-9 9900K 9th gen im pretty sure, and Win 10 Pro. All that is connected is the 3 Pure plus 12 fans from Tt. I ran and got new ones today and during boot up it does it but returns to normal.. last ones didn't do that. In the software when I turn that specific fan off it just has a seizure of white. No other fans do it. 

(edit) also yes 2 fans run default and the other one runs really strange during boot. and when turning off the leds in software view.

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