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Bahamut external sound card problem


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I have problem with software under windows10.

The card is installed and working properly but the software does not respond to any options. Equalizer does not work, any efect such as concert hall ect. there is no changes in sound color
After press OK, close and reload program, looks like it doesnt remember settings and every option is off.

For now software is completly useless and sound is very flat.

How can i fix it?


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Have you tried a different USB port? I had a pair of usb headsets that had an issue with the mic not working, just random, and I had to disconnect the device and plug it in to another port. It's definitely worth a shot. That's about as much support as I can give you on that product, I'll let the pros handle it from here. Good luck!

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I was able to get some testing done with the sound controller.


I see the same issue you are experiencing and will let our teams know.


I did also check the sound properties and found you have to "enable" some features, but they still do not function properly.


When you click properties under the Bahamut sound device on the tab options (Enhancements, DTS Effects) all the boxes are unchecked by default.


When I checked them, the features do show up in the Bahamut GUI and the EQ is now mid-line, but cannot change/save settings properly as you have mentioned.


Please hang on and we should have an update soon.

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