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Question About Thermaltake Core X9

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I'm in the market for a good cube case. The core X9 hits everything I want. I never own a Thermaltake case before. However I have a few question for anyone who knows the case.


1. I know it's designed for Watercooling in mind, Could I use it for aircooling as well and would the case be kept cool? I might do water cooling down the road.

2. Hows the Build quality? I know a saw one cube case and it was just cheap plastic.

3. Hows the noise level, Does it block out most of the noise?

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1. Of course you can also keep it cool with air coolers. Just keep in mind that you will have a lot of unused space inside the case, if you do not install radiators and a pump and reservoir. To use the Core X9 to its fullest potential, we suggest using it with water cooling.

2. The Core X9 frame and side panels are made of steel so it's quite durable.

3. There are a lot of ventilation openings so do not expect the case to block out much noise. If you are looking for something with sound dampening, you can take a look at the new Suppressor F51 or our Urban series.

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