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suppressor f51 + 2x140fans + no holders configuration


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Hi ^^


I saw another Thread to this topic, but since that guy overuses like 10 fans it doesnt fit for me

Its my first (really completely) selfbuilt system.

Ive got a suppressor f51 case and bought two more fans 2xSilentWings 140mm pwr



But before I place the question, the case inside:

I place the HDD, and SSD at the back of the case.

I already removed both 2x3 HDD holders

Nothing more special: 1xblueray writer, 1xgraphicard, 1xpowersupply, 1x16cm cpu cooler

I'm not sure if its soooo important, but different cpu/cards generates different heat I name them here:

Cpu Skylake i7-6700k (Ive read its not producing as much heat as cpu normally does) and msi gtx 980 (not sure about that one)



Now the question, since Im new to this:

The placement of the two additional fans?

I googeled but I'm still not sure....and you big and strong guys surely have experience in this.


At the moment Im thinking of placing one at the top blowing air outside

at the same time im not sure if I shall place it closest to the rear fan or the 2nd closest


and the other fan... Mhh also at the top?...At the bottom (taking air inside)?...At he front (taking air inside; im not sure if this fits above the preinstalled 200mm ^^')?...



Ive read about negative and positive airflow and it says like negative is better cooling but more dust, positive airflow is better for passive cooled graphiccards.

So I would choose the negative one, since my card has two spinning fans, I think that means its active cooling and the suppressor f51 has dust filters all over the everything.



yeah, a girl needs help here ^^ thanks for all coming suggestions

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Hello Tryerina and welcome to our forum,


the page you linked is in German so I assume you know German as well. We got some staff members of our office in Germany lurking around in these forums (e.g. me) so feel free to ask your question in German.


The Skylake generation of CPUs has a fairly low thermal design power and should be fine (especially with a 160mm tall CPU cooler). A GTX 980 can develop a little more heat so primarily you should worry about keeping your VGA cool.


The traditional recommended cooling setup sucks in air from the front and/or bottom and/or side and blows it out at the rear and/or top. It makes sense to adjust the CPU cooler to the direction of the airflow (sucks air from the front, blows it out to the rear).


How important is noise to you? Please bear in mind that taking out one of the dampening panels at the top or side will increase the noise your system makes by a little, while it benefits the cooling capabilities. Upgrading the cooling without removing any sound dampening panels is only possible by adding another intake fan at the bottom.


Taking out the HDD cages is a good idea as it allows the 200mm front fan to do a lot of work. The default fan design of the F51 is actually already quite good with 1x 200mm and 1x 140mm fan. I would suggest to first build the system and use a tool like "CPU-Z" to measure the CPU and VGA temperatures under a bit of load. If the VGA gets too hot, you can think about installing an intake fan in the side panel, which delivers fresh and cool air directly onto the VGA.

For reference: According to NVIDIA, the GTX980 can endure up to 98°C. This is obviously not recommended. A good rule of thumb would be that anything below 80°C at full load is fine.

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okay thank you very much for all the info

And yes Im from swiss Im speaking german too :) but english is no problem (And I hope my english isnt a problem for you too, haha, sorry if it is so bad xD)


I will install the Cpu fan blowing to the rear yes


And respective the noise, I'm prefering low noise but I'm using at the moment a case where the whole top is perforated without any dampening at any spot in the case, so if I take out one dampening panel at the top it will be still quiter as my actual case. I think that will be fine for me ^^


So if my card is the hottest thing, maybe my intended setup (bottom center, top above the cpu) will work then.

I'm still waiting for the ram sticks, so I'm not able to test the whole thing with the CPU-Z program right now

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The planned cooling setup should provide plenty of cooling. I'd dare to say that one exhaust (rear), one intake (front) and maybe an additional intake fan on the side will suffice. But that's the beauty of this case: You have so many options and can try out what you feel works best (and change it later, if it does not).

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