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No tube bending cooling system

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Hi all,


I'm about to get a Core P5 or Core p3 case in which I intend laer on to install a water cooling system. I'm not really a skilled person as for diy, so bending tubes is something I see going very bad and destroying a lot of materials. I haven't seen, and I know it might not look as good, system with fittings instead of bendt tubes. This means working with straight tubes and using fittings to make the circuit. Any opinions if it's good or if it has very strong cons apart looks?


Thank you

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i just did this very same thing, on a Core P5 (Still want that P7!) - let me tell you, the tube bending is a piece of cake! You might need a few tried measuring, but just get the right tools.

Get a tube bending kit - I have the T.T. kit for 12/I 16/o dimensions, and the mandrels are a must for getting a nice 90 degree bend or whatever angle. Just soap up the silicon insert so you can pull it out easy after the bend. 


Get this bending kit:


Amazon.com: Thermaltake Pacific DIY OD 16mm (5/8") x ID 12mm (1/2") Water Cooling PETG Hard Tube Bending Kit CL-W093-AL00BL-A: Electronics



Amazon.com: Thermaltake Pacific Black 4 Build-in O-Rings C-Pro G1/4 PETG 16mm OD Compression Fitting 6 Pack CL-W214-CU00BL-B: Computers & Accessories

Get a few 90 degree fittings and some spacers - 10 to 30 mm sizes. Make sure the threads are G 1/4 and you'll be fine.

Here is my 1st attempt. I since re did it, but this is 1st attempt. Good luck!



tubing done - 1st attempt.png

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One more thing, if you are asking if it can be done with just fittings instead of actual tube bending, then sure you can do that - just use 90 or 45 degree fittings

and you wont have to bend the actual tubing. it will however limit you in shaping, especially small areas.  I used a;; the Thermaltake  parts to do the job, so I can recommend them.

Go with the C-pro fittings, they have a better system than the cheaper fittings and use the T.T. V Tubler 1000 mm long tubes with 16 outside, 12 inside dimensions.

I'm using four 90 degree fittings on mine - 2 on radiator, 2 on water block and 1 on pump. Also, get a draining fitting, make is so much easier to drain it!

Map out the tube loop on paper or in your head, try to get a decent measurement, then decide how many 90 or 45 degree fittings you need.

Here is a pic with RGB fittings, incase you are thinking about getting them. Not a great picture but you get the drift ;) The RGB fittings are tough to work with though. great, but tough to install compared top the C-pro,


RGB tubing.jpg

RGB tubing rs.jpg

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You'll need 6 fittings - 2 for water block, 2 for radiator and 3 for pump if you want to just cool CPU.


A few 90 or 45 degree or other fittings/spacers will help with less bends maybe, but for input/output for the basic loop, you need 6 fittings.

C-Pro fittings are 9.99 or a 6 pack for 59.99 - They have been the best to use so far, I got RGB fittings (6 pack) but much tougher to work with.

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