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  1. You and Mike lindell can bite pillows together. He was a crackhead, and now he's a trump ball licker.
  2. You'll need 6 fittings - 2 for water block, 2 for radiator and 3 for pump if you want to just cool CPU. A few 90 or 45 degree or other fittings/spacers will help with less bends maybe, but for input/output for the basic loop, you need 6 fittings. C-Pro fittings are 9.99 or a 6 pack for 59.99 - They have been the best to use so far, I got RGB fittings (6 pack) but much tougher to work with.
  3. Eventually one or the other will go. Spam like this kills sites. If the site is high priority, like a music, movie, or poker site then this stuff doesn't happen. Spammers are gone, ip's are noted and they won't spam again, at least some sites I am a member of. Hopefully we can take care of this. I've offered my help, don't want to be a mod or have any special privilege's other than banning and cleaning (1 step!) SPAMMERS.
  4. I think it is a 9 pin (female) that would go into the male USB header of your motherboard. I have the iRGB 1000w and that is how it works, then use software to manage it.
  5. Lucky you, I want to buy this chassis, none to be found!! Good luck If you ever want to sell your P7, I'll hook you up! Have many nice things - and cash to trade That goes for anyone with a Thermaltake Core P7!!!!!!!
  6. Well, hopefully someone will see this soon and put me to work banning the spammers.....and removing all their CBD and keto ####!
  7. As a happy Thermaltake user, I like this site but it really needs a cleanup. Since this webpage is powered by Invision, any moderator should have the ability to ban and clean (1 touch ban and clean feature used to, as it says, ban and clean up all the crap these spammers leave with their garbage keto threads and all the other junk.) I don't know why it isn't being used, but if need be, I will volunteer to do the job. I don't need any other moderator abilities, only the 1 touch ban & clean, so we can get rid of all the voluminous garbage that has piled up, blocking all of the usef
  8. One more thing, if you are asking if it can be done with just fittings instead of actual tube bending, then sure you can do that - just use 90 or 45 degree fittings and you wont have to bend the actual tubing. it will however limit you in shaping, especially small areas. I used a;; the Thermaltake parts to do the job, so I can recommend them. Go with the C-pro fittings, they have a better system than the cheaper fittings and use the T.T. V Tubler 1000 mm long tubes with 16 outside, 12 inside dimensions. I'm using four 90 degree fittings on mine - 2 on radiator, 2 on water bloc
  9. Hi! i just did this very same thing, on a Core P5 (Still want that P7!) - let me tell you, the tube bending is a piece of cake! You might need a few tried measuring, but just get the right tools. Get a tube bending kit - I have the T.T. kit for 12/I 16/o dimensions, and the mandrels are a must for getting a nice 90 degree bend or whatever angle. Just soap up the silicon insert so you can pull it out easy after the bend. Get this bending kit: Amazon.com: Thermaltake Pacific DIY OD 16mm (5/8") x ID 12mm (1/2") Water Cooling PETG Hard Tube Bending Kit CL-
  10. Maybe I can sneak in a question regarding the molex connector on the pump - can I instead of using the molex, use the adaptor that allows the power to go into the motherboard pump header? Good luck , o.p. and thanks for any answers! Here is a picture of the adaptor I'd like to use to go Molex to motherboard. Thanks again!!!!
  11. Better light. Since did more tube work, much better
  12. It might be a bridge cable to another controller. I'm looking right at mine, but no markings. The white dot id for the PWM, i believe that is main fan, then 2, then 3. Other side has an outlet for power (Molex, I think) and the other like I said is possibly for bridging to another controller.
  13. I just bought this pump/reservoir and the thing is so silent I was thinking it stopped working! The temperature is holding at 26 Celsius and the tubes feel like water is flowing. I have a nice flow indicator on the way, but this install came out great, my 1st attempt, very proud! IF you are going RGB, the 32 is worth the extra $20 compared to the P22 D-5 plus, the rotating, clear cap is just what is needed for tube fitting and the RGB lighting, which you can't see coming through the tope of the PR22 D-5. I also picked up the RGB fitting, why not?? Gonna put in tomorrow. This Co
  14. move this up past the spam. I'd like to beat the sh*t out of the a**hole that spammed 20+ threads.
  15. Can you believe they stopped making the P&? No add ons, no more 'the most unique' case.......ugh! Anyone that buts a P& is most likely going to spent a sh*tload of other money at your company for say 3 radiators, 2 pumps, 8-12 fans (120).
  16. If anyone wants to sell theirs, please get in touch Thank you.
  17. That sometimes happens to me, but not often. usually when some other Thermaltake or other RGB program is open. Are you able to use the TT plus RGB software? Maybe you can't, I know my irgb 1000w PSU doesn't work great with TT plus even though it is 'supposed' to sync with it. I can't imagine why they didn't just make the PSU fan to go into any of the million RGB controllers they make - with the reverse 9 pin USB. The PSU has the normal 9 pin and everything else has the reverse, making it so your best bet is itake, which I don't really like. * don't have the mouse and
  18. I'm a little late, but that's the one! It came with the Core P5. Curious - do you need to plug in the USB 9 pin in order to power it, or is it just there if you don't/can't use the 3.1? My adaptor has a 3.1 and also a 9 pin, some only have the 3.1 so that is why i'm asking. Thanks!
  19. I'lll tell you what, I like the Level X20 better, but i'm an RGB type person It's in stock at least, I've been searching weeks for my P7! If I wasn't going on my 4th T.T. case, I might go for that!.....maybe for the 5th.
  20. This company is starting to #### me off. Shelves are full of nothing but Thermaltake junk but they stop Making the Core P7? How about making a few less ####grade products and make it up with the things people really want.
  21. Anyone selling this chassis, please let me know! Thanks!
  22. Poor stock supply due to Covid, I bet. I have been waiting for the Core P7 - checking every other minute, it's crazy! Also the P32 - D5 pump reservoir was out of stock for a while, it just came in this week, or at least it is back up for sale. Also the Mx1 plus water block was out of stock for a while, but it is new, but finally came in. Good luck finding it and if you see a Core P7, let me know!!
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