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  1. I put my 1st computer together. I never did it before and had to watch a video on how to get the GPU out, but I did it and it works. I could use some advice on an RGB motherboard that has the most headers and room for many plugins. Any advice on that would be great. I will pick up a modular PSU, advice on RGB parts would be great for this 1st build. Thank you!
  2. eff it, I'm going in on my own.
  3. Hello. This is great, can't believe there is a site like this. I just bought a View 71 case, and I'd like to ask a few beginners questions if there is an area for that. I just need some advice before I pull the parts in a current cybertron case to put in my 71. The layout is pretty simple, but any steps in the process regarding the HDD and GPU mostly would help. I'm just going to learn by doing and if I mess it up, I'll try again...with more help. Thanks!
  4. Hey, I just bought this case, should be here in 2 days. It looks beautiful. I have never built a computer so I'm going to use the resources of this site to the fullest. I have a good understanding of the basics, so we'll see how it goes. Great pictures so far and they will be very valuable to me while figuring this out. Thank you to everyone.
  5. That's a real nice case. I just bought a Thermaltake - the view 71 I believe is the name, I've never built a computer before But I got the case and now I'm going to look for ideas on what would be the best choices on RGB accessories. Your case must be a little similar the one I bought, parts layout wise? I will definitely be reading around and google the parts on your list. Thanks.
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