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  1. I like Dogs. Sheep also. Pigs on the Wing - fantastic. (I like/had 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs and they are a fantastic breed. Don't live that long though).
  2. ..... It was thanks to Ken @ Aaro Computer Services (Portland, Oregon). He had one, as he owns a business and he sold it to me for a very fair price, and was a true gentleman who kept in contact until it arrived, in the condition he said - un opened! The case looks beautiful, just ordered a 2nd radiator, now need a waterblock for a 1660 super - any ideas? Thanks again, Ken! If anyone does business with him, they are in good hands!
  3. I have a View 71, like it and had it for a few years, but I went and change to a P5, and now a P7. If you go with the View 71, I'd try to get the RGB version. The one thing I didn't like about my V 71 was the riing fans that came with it. They have much better fans now and it will be easier to control the rgb with the button built into the front i/o.
  4. I got a bad riser cable with my P5. I was told I could RMA it, but it is such a bad design, I asked for a 20$ credit and I would buy the $80 one that is the top of the line. The crappy one cost 30$ I asked for a 20$ credit. They said no. I would have took 15$ - even 10$ - just something as a gesture......still don't understand that one.
  5. Watch out for the molex wire from the controller - sometime when you push it in to the molex wire on the PSU, it will pop out the back instead of going in and might be hard to notice. I'm still having crazy problems, but once I got the bridge cables going well. had the controller buttons set for controller & 2 (73 &4...), it worked a bit better though still buggy.
  6. Quit school, grow you're hair, start a rock n roll band. none of this drake, weekend rap ####.
  7. My controllers are nuts also. I'm using 4 - Fans, water block, pump, and fittings. I just left the back of the case of (Core P5 ) and I have it to when is freezes up, I just reach back unplug then plug back in the mini HDMI going from USB 9 pin to the fan controller (fan 1 of 4), then it work for a while.....so far it's been okay all day! The molex wires, and other thin wires (make sure the small wires into the female 9 pin USB are okay) in the equipment make it difficult. I had a case where the 4 molex pin instead of going into the PSU molex, they were pushed back so no co
  8. I'll be honest with you, even before the debacle in the Suez Canal, I'm willing to bet the company was having trouble getting items into markets due to Covid. There are a lot of parts I want to buy, but can't get either. There are a million of 1 type of case in stores like micro Center but none of anything else. T.T. is really under represented in a store like that, especially water cooling. Corsair has a hard tube demo system planted on the wall with all the bells and whistles, T.T. is lucky if they have a 360 radiator A.I.O. For Thermaltake - 1st this Covid needs to get
  9. It is amazing how this thread and my offer to help has been ignored. This could have been a great site and asset to Thermaltake builders but the SPAM is too much and no one that Administrates or moderates seems to care. I just can't sift through the CBD garbage and the C unts made spew it, so good luck. No wonder this site is a wasteland compared to other sites that would NEVER allow this ####. It is just lazy and embarrassing for whoever runs it.
  10. This sh its's getting nuts, 1st thread on page says "listen to your customers" - and it's about keto! this is almost more of a keto spam site than a T.T. site! Take up my offer and let me clean this place up! I got the time and the inclination to do it! Don't need any other powers, just 1 touch ban and clean for the spammers, block them out of existence!
  11. This is just fantastic. You have serious skills, much respect. I wonder what you could have done with the Core P7. I have the P5, like it. It would look much better with the precision tubing you did!
  12. This is 3D printed? If so, that's insane. I don't know much about it and so I don't understand the acronyms or word contractions. Man, if that is what it is, then maybe I could get the side panels made for the Core P7 since it seems like it will never be for sale again! Putting the P7 out of production would be a bad move, imo, as no one makes a case like that, it separated T.T. from others companies chassis wise. Great job, original poster!
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