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As a happy Thermaltake user, I like this site but it really needs a cleanup.

Since this webpage is powered by Invision, any moderator should have the ability to ban and clean (1 touch ban and clean feature used to, as it says, ban and clean up all the crap these spammers leave with their garbage keto threads and all the other junk.)

I don't know why it isn't being used, but if need be, I will volunteer to do the job. I don't need any other moderator abilities, only the 1 touch ban & clean, so we can get rid of all the voluminous garbage that has piled up, blocking all of the useful threads from being seen without severe digging through the muck.

I guarantee it will make this place much easier for all to use. Every morning, I can come and ban all the users making SPAM and clean their garbage up, nice and easy.


That's all I wanted to say - and tell someone high up that Thermaltake really needs to MAKE MORE CORE P7 CHASSIS!!!!!!

It's crazy I can't get one, and it is costing the company money, as I'd need 2 more pumps, 480 radiators and 8 more quad fans - about $1000 easily that isn't going into company pockets, all because I can't get this case. Make them to order and charge more if needed, but to stop selling them, entirely is ill advised!


Thank you!

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Eventually one or the other will go. Spam like this kills sites. If the site is high priority, like a music, movie, or poker site then this stuff doesn't happen.

Spammers are gone, ip's are noted and they won't spam again, at least some sites I am a member of. Hopefully we can take care of this.

I've offered my help, don't want to be a mod or have any special privilege's other than banning and cleaning (1 step!) SPAMMERS.

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