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my core p90 met MAX!

Shane Herald

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not my first Thermaltake case build ....so fun building in this p90...who said you could only fit one 420 rad on here ....lol.....thats two 420's and a 280...lol....and glass fits nicely on to! just upgraded from two crossfired 390's to a liquid devil 5700xt .....sporting a Asus Crosshair VIII formula and a Ryzen 3950x with Corsair RGB 3600 mhz ram running 3822 cl16 with a cpu clock speed of 4.35ghz and infinity fabric at 1911mhz ......and that liquid devil....its running full speed ahead with vram at 1900mhz and gpu running up to 2133mhz..

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Highlights a USB -   Get best 4K  C female port(only connection to have), 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and miniature/SD card perusers for advantageous admittance to your fundamental peripherals. Mercifully NOTE: You need to embed the link and SD card mark side down while embeddings them(The ports are topsy turvy)

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