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TT RGB Plus Software does not work properly


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Hey guys, I'm relatively new to TT products, but I have to say that I'm extremely frustrated by the RGB software and controllers. 

My 2 controllers are set to 0000 and 1000 positions, the first one have the water block, pump and 3 fans connected and the 2nd only the radiator strip. The software does not recognize the controller numbers at all, the profiles are the mess it looks like some goons did this software, there is no button to revert any of the changes and set to factory settings, complete reinstallation does not remove any profiles whatsoever it just stuck in the limbo. 

I would appreciate some help, because I need to change my RGB and syn it with some other elements from my motherboard. 

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2 minutes ago, BendanDaltrone said:

Check your power connections and make sure the USB header is turned on in BIOS.

Thanks, going to give it another shot, but I've tried already:
- Changed the switches and tried them in different positions making them 2 and 3 or 4 and 5 instead of 1 and 2. 
- Used another free USB 2.0.9 on the board
- Unplugged and plugged again everything a few times.

I was hoping that there is an option to revert to default settings, as I recall first time I opened the app there were controller 1 and 2, and after I just adjusted the radiator strip the next time it all glued together and throws various errors. 

The biggest problem that none of the fan control software programs can pick up the fans to control, so I can't create custom graphs to control those based of CPU/GPU temp, which is much bigger pain than any RGB sync. 

I may just need to buy another controllers, not sure.

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