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Is there way to change FAN control curve and add a bit of hysteresis  probably

My DPS 1200W Power supply's FAN keeps starting and stopping near 40C in Zero Fan mode and this is so annoying.

While in Silent mode with no load it runs at 900 RPM which is too fast and loud and brings PSU to room temperature.

Having 10920 intel and 3090 nvidia, the  PSU is most loud component of my build :(


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Hi cybertiger1974


Sorry sir, I just check your issue again.

Regrettably, DPS series don't support customize function.

It's older product, cannot control fan speed in spec.


It can only follow smart fan speed according to your loading. 


On 6/23/2021 at 6:00 PM, cybertiger1974 said:

Could you tell me how to find customize mode?




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6 minutes ago, cybertiger1974 said:

Can you fix curve or add hysteresis in firmware? 

Dear user,


It's manufacture hardware limit.... 

Thermaltake cannot modify that, sorry for inconvenience.


Maybe I could recommend you iRGB series. It can customize your fan speed in software.

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