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  1. Hi sir, Sorry for late reply! It is USB cable, should be insert on motherboard internal USB pin.
  2. Hi, We’re really sorry that you have a frustrating experience with the software. Rest assured, I will report this issue to the management group and software team and have the issue solved in the best way we can. TT RGB Plus should have an updated version ready for download this May. Even though NeonMaker does not support Riing Trio at the moment, but Thermaltake does plan to have NeonMaker support other tt fans in later versions. We also encourage you to vote in our NeonMaker LightMix events since we’re giving away free Riing Quad fans for some of the voting winners. Sorry again, but thank you for bringing up the issue so we can fix the problem.
  3. Hi , Sorry for the late reply. If you want to use different lighting effects between controllers, you can save in different profiles at the up-right corner. Maybe this could solve your problem.
  4. Hi, Please download fix tool from this link https://tw.thermaltake.com/downloads Thank you!
  5. Hi sir We apologize for the late reply; however, the software should auto-saved all your settings. Therefore, you would not have to click save to save your progress. The button "save" merely means to save this controller and copy it to others. Sorry for any inconvenience, if you still have any issue, please feel free to contact me.
  6. Hi sir Could you help to provide your product name? use silent mode or performance mode? Our team will help to solve this issue, Thank you!
  7. Hi sir Could you try this version? We have modified some code about scan hard drive Thank you! Tt_DPS_G_App_Ver3.2.14.zip
  8. Hi Sir Sorry for the issue, We really work hard to solve this issue, but it still need to verify. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  9. Hi sir, Because we have a function to scan your hardware information, and show them in app. If it cause your inconvenience, our team have already to discuss to solve it. Sorry for that, thank you for your feedback.
  10. Hi sir The signal is same, if you have a USB type-A to internal cable. It will be fine, all the function normally. Thank you.
  11. Hi Slip Sorry for late reply. Could you provide screenshot or video and your PSU model name? Thank you!
  12. Hello all Please download fix tool from this link https://tw.thermaltake.com/downloads Thank you!
  13. Hi Sir Sorry for late reply. Did you install RGB plus? If yes, please provide the version. RGB plus: DPS G: We will solve the issue as fast as we can! Thank you for your feedback.
  14. Hi sir If you want to control your RGB lighting and monitor your PC information via DPS G app and also smart mobile remote, you should need a USB internal slot. It's up to your require. Thank you.
  15. Dear Sir Have you tried to reboot and open it again?
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