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  1. Hi sir. Sorry that it's old version known bug, please download newest version to solved this issue, thank you.
  2. Hi Sir Sorry for late reply. I have sent you an e-mail. please check it , thank you.
  3. Hi sir Could you please provide some screenshot to describe your issue, I'll help you as I can Thank you!
  4. Hi sir Sorry, Because it is customize cable, you can just buy a new one mini USB to USB cable, and insert to USB slot on motherboard. Could you please provide your PSU product name? Maybe you can contact our RMA service team to get a new cable.
  5. Hi sir We will keep improve software's performance and reduce CPU loading. Could you help to provide screenshot about "TOUGHRAM" lighting page? I'll check the issue, thank you.
  6. Hi sir Could you provide your SN number? I'll check with our database. Thank you!
  7. Hi sir Could you provide some information? Application version? Application language? We will help your issue ASAP, thank you.
  8. Hi sir I have tried several times, our website download page normal. https://www.thermaltake.com/downloads For convenience, I send you a V3.2.4 download link. Thank you TtDPSGApp_Ver324_Global.zip
  9. Hi sir Could you help to provide your PSU product name? We will help to solve your issue ASAP, thank you.
  10. Dear sir, Could you please provide more detail of this issue? We would help you as best as we can. Thank you.
  11. Hi sir The upgraded software is still in our internal testing. If any new will let you know, thank you.
  12. Hi sir Sorry for that our sever had some issues yesterday. And we fixed them, it should be normal now. If still issue, please feel free to contact me, thank you.
  13. Dear user, Please download newest version V3.2.3 from below link: https://www.thermaltake.com/downloads If still any issue, please feel free to feedback to me , Thank you!
  14. HI Sir We have solved this issue, thanks for feedback.
  15. Hi sir Could you provide your account, Our team will help check this issue, thank you.
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