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BlacX Duet HDD Docking Station - ST0014U - Help


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Hi guys,


I have recently bought a BlacX Duet - ST0014U - Docking Station but I can't make it recognize my two Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 of 2TB each even on USB. I have tried on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits and on Windows XP 32 bits. Any help?






Hello Katana,


Please advise if your two HDD's are brand new, or contains data you are trying to retrieve.

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Hi Katanasoul,


When you formatted the drives did you assign them a drive letter?


It sounds like the drives were initialized but not showing in the my computer section.


also can you confirm that the drives still show in the "Disk Management" section?


if it does please screenshot that so we can see what it is showing.


This could help us better figure out your concern.

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Hi Guys

I just purchased the Duet 5g docking station 2 days ago. I seem to have a similar problem as Katana which my computer wont recognise the dock station through USB.


I go through to the device manager and i can see them attached as disk drives but i dont know how to acces it.


The 2 drives both have data on them.


Help please.





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I too purchased the BlacX Duel box about a year ago with the intent to transfer programs and data from my old computer to a new computer.  Both hard drives have data on them and the documentation isn't clear enough for me to possibly erase the data on the newer computer.  I have Windows 7 on the old computer and Windows 8 on the new.


First, can I transfer the existing programs via the BlacX Dual box?


Second, I need better instructions on how to do this. I know little about the internal workings of computers.  Thanks in advance for some help.

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Dear David, 


Please double check to see if the HDD is recognized under Disk Management. Provide screenshots if possible. 

I will answer the question for him since I am experiencing the same thing -- no, it does not show in disk management. It does show in Device Manager though; as he is experiencing.

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On 7/7/2017 at 10:48 PM, Karthik Venkatachalam said:

Dear TT staff


I recently purchased Blacx duet HDD docking station. A 3.5 SATA hard drive is not recognized when I insert it to the docking station. I cant see it in the device manager or in the disk management.


I have the blue power LED ON and it goes off when I insert the disk.


Please help.



Hello Karthik,

It seems to be a power issue with the dock.

I advise to have it return/exchanged with your retailer or we can have it replaced through its 3 year warranty.

To proceed through warranty, please submit a RMA REQUEST form here:



Best Regards,

Dhony Solis

Thermaltake Customer Service

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I have purchased a black duet st0014u-c.  In Windows 10 it is showing up as a JMicron SCSI Disk Device under disk drives and USB Attached SCSI (UAS) Mass Storage Device.  When trying to use Seagate tools on a disk it shows up as Unknown MN firmware rev 9122 and I cannot see any info about the drive.  Is there a driver or firmware I should or need to install in order to see the drive in the Thermtake correctly.

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I have been useing this product for ps4 external storage. Recently one of the drives is not being recognized by the ps4. Im trying to connect it to my pc to reformat it but the hard drives are not showing up in the disk manager. The connections do show up on the device manager. I cannot acess the drives and do not know how to reformat them.


Please help TT staff

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