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  1. Hi Blk, Please PM your e-mail address to me and I will ensure you are taken care of.
  2. Hi Greg, Which mouse are you trying to program macro keys for?
  3. Hi SSD50, How about Device Manager? Does the SSD appear there? Please try to "scan for hardware changes" and see if the drive appears under Device Manager.
  4. Originally, I was going to say case and motherboard since both are outdated. But after reading TT Andy's post, I would have to agree. A 4K monitor is just so b-e-a-utiful.
  5. I would get as many as space and budget would allow, but I would say 2 minimum is a must. With that being said, I currently have my rig hooked up to my 47" TV so that's the only "monitor" I'm using.
  6. Hey Albe23, If you haven't scooped up a Vertos yet, they're available in the US now!
  7. Dear Joseph, 1. Click on Marco Setting to set macro profiles. 2. Enter Macro Name (i.e. 1234) and then hit NEW 3. Press Record to set the macros. Once you are finished, press Stop. 4. In order to have the macro profile saved, you must press Apply. Once you are finished setting all macro profiles, press OK. 5. Click on the key you would like to set the macro for. 6. Select Macro (T Key) 7. Choose the macro profile you would like to assign to the key. 8. Choose the additional macro settings. 9. Press Apply to save the settings. 10. Press Apply once you have finished assigning macros for all keys.
  8. Dear JPL95, Please PM me your e-mail address.
  9. Dear Jorge, There may be an issue with the USB controller board. Also, where are you located?
  10. Hey Dabevais, If you're looking to go with CLC, we also have Water 3.0 Pro or Water 3.0 Performer which has a 120 mm radiator which could mount to the rear. You would need a special LCS adapter that we'd be happy to send to you. Just PM me your contact info (full name and shipping address).
  11. Hey Hunzun, Additional side panels are available for sale, but availability will depend on where you are located. Let us know where you're located and we'll point you in the right direction. For the cables, I routed most of them underneath the GPU and to the side of the PSU. There's not a whole lot of room, but there is some which would help free up some of the clutter in the front. You really have to bend the cables and tie them down so they stay in place. If you shoot over a picture of the left side of the case with the panel off, then we can get a better look of the spacing. For the CPU cooler, where you thinking of going air or liquid?
  12. The Commander FX - 10 Port Fan Hub will be available in stores shortly. We hope to have them in store for you by the end of October. Exact release dates will vary depending on location.
  13. Dear David, Please double check to see if the HDD is recognized under Disk Management. Provide screenshots if possible.
  14. Hi Jorge, Please try to do a clean install of the Water 3.0 Extreme Ver. 1.6. Anti-virus programs can interfere with the installation of the software. 1) Uninstall all Water 3.0 software. 2) Restart your system. 3) Turn off all anti-virus software. 4) Install Water 3.0 software. 5) Restart your system 6) Run Water 3.0 software. 7) Turn on all anti-virus software. Let us know if this fixes your issue.
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