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Giveaway Winner Announcement

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2021-Thermaltake-Ultra-GIF-Design-Invitational-Season-1_giveaway winner.jpg

Giveaway Winner Announcement 

Prediction Voting

🎁 TOUGHFAN 12 Turquoise High Static Pressure Radiator Fan goes to Parr

🎁 TOUGHFAN 12 Racing Green High Static Pressure Radiator Fan goes to pagicence

Final Voting

🎁 Floe RC Ultra 240 CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler goes to mikeh1777

🎁 Level 20 GT RGB Cherry MX Silver Gaming Keyboard goes to filipadrian1980

🎁 Thermaltake TteSports VENTUS X Optical RGB Gaming Mouse goes to Bouya


Congratulations to everyone who won our giveaway! 

Please send @TT Lily (Tt Lily) a DM with your name, phone number, email and address before 02/06/2022 (GMT+8) to claim your prize.

*Failure to do so may result in disqualification.


Thermaltake wishes you a happy lunar new year! 🐯

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