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[Australia] Ethan Cooper

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Hey All! 

Sorry im late to the party the whole team got buried with F1 

We are building a Thermaltake Variant of the Barbasol can with Jurassic Park Dominion around the corner it made sense! 

Step one: 
Drain a can of shaving cream and cut off the bottom!


Gillette can.jpg

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With a Solid based can that is easily removable it was time to work on the cartridge that would hold the RAM!


Step 4: Build Cartridge 

The idea here was to hold the RAM steady so it could be easily removed and the samples (RAM sticks) could slide out to be examined


Cartride 2.jpg


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Step 5: 

The Lablel! 


I needed to recreate the old school Barbasol can label in Illustrator so it could be printed and wrapped on the can. 


I started by recreating the label exactly as seen on screen. I then added some extra flourishes that hint at both Thermaltake and dinosaurs. 

Label .png

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