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Full configuration setup for the advertised ah t600 snow full tower chassis on TT


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Dear community,

I am struggling to find all the elements that were used to get that advertisement image here for the AH T600 https://www.thermaltake.com/ah-t600-snow-full-tower-chassis.html

Does someone from TT or the community can list all the elements so I can buy them and assemble as per the image illustrated?

I have recognized:

  • 1x Pacific DP100-S Plus Distro RGB
  • 1x Pacific WS RGB CPU WaterCooler
  • A TT ToughPower Plus 1200W power supply
  • A triple fan 140mm on front
  • Fan on top?
  • Any Radiator? CL360?
  • A TT premium PCI E Extender?


Thanks a lot,


illustrated AH t600.JPG

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Hi, kn8200

Glad to hear that you like our build! The components in the pictures include: 

1. Front Fan: Riing Quad 14 RGB- White x 3; 

2. Front Radiator: Pacific CL420; 

3. Top Fan: Riing Quad 12 RGB- White x 6; 

4. Top Radiator: Pacific C360; 

5. PSU: Toughpower iRGB PLUS 1200 Platinum; 

6. Distro Plate: DP100-D5 Plus; 

7. CPU Water Block: Pacific W5 CPU Water Block

8. Riser Cable: TT Premium PCI-E 3.0 Extender – 300mm

9. Memory: TOUGHRAM RGB Memory - White





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