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Just thought I might mention a clear quality control issue you guys appear to be having, I recently purchased a TT esports Challenger Pro as my new gaming keyboard and immediately had a problem with it not connecting. I found the mini usb port where the cord connects was very loose which meant the keyboard was unable to maintain a signal. A large amount of force was required to gain a connection and when released the cord would immediately disconnect. Though it was possibly just the cord, either way I took it back to my seller to get a replacement.

I then went home with a new Challenger Pro and after 1 hour of fussing around, I have confirmed without a doubt that the spacebar does not work on this second keyboard. It is quite clear to me that these are indicative of poor manufacturing. I suggest you take a look at your quality control procedures.


Good luck.

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Hey there, we're very sorry to hear about your experience with the CHALLENGER Pro keyboard. This is definitely not the user experience we aim to deliver. 

I can only tell you that this is a rare occurrence, and that we'll let the AU team know to look into this.


Could you also tell us from where you purchased? We will follow up on our end to look into this matter.

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