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  1. You don't have to contact customer service via phone. Either submit a RMA through this Link or call Tel: 03 9763 1622. Both methods will be fine. In my opinion, it is easier to explain on phone than by email if you would like to SWAP headset to different model with equivalent value. Wish our customer service will earn back your satisfaction on our product.
  2. Don't worry. following is Australia and New Zealand branch contact information. Thermaltake Australia and New Zealand 1/49 Henderson Rd Rowville VIC 3178 Tel: 03 9763 1622 Also, feel free to submit RMA through the Link or For SWAP, you need to contact customer service directly and tell them your experience and ask for SWAP. Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for cooperation.
  3. I usually face PSU down in order to draw cold air from outside of chassis to keep PSU cool down. The only concern is fan bearing might wear by gravity over time ! How is everyone think ?
  4. How to Select the Right Wattage Power Supply Power supplies are computer components that builders pay little or no attention in comparison to alluring components like CPUs, motherboards, graphic cards and SSDs. The majority of people tend to purchase more power than they really need, or they will purchase a low cost PSU, not meeting power requirements. There are several tricks to pick the ideal power supply 1. Reliable Brand Choose a power supply from a reputable manufacturer and read its reviews through some major computer online stores such as Newegg.com, Amazon.com and Tigerdirect.com. 2. Wattage Calculation On PSU specs, - Continuous power is True Wattage which means PSU delivers real power stably and continuously. - Peak power means PSU delivers real power for short period of time and outputs around 90% amount of power instead. PSU advised load is 60% ~ 70% of its capacity which will deliver maximum efficiency, extend PSU life and leave space for future expansion. System’s components determine how much power it consumes from the outlet. PSU wattage only indicates the maximum power a system’s components can consume. For example: A 500 watt power supply will consume the same power as a 1000 watt power supply in the same spec system. Use Detailed PSU wattage calculator from Outervision.com to calculate major power consumption like CPU, GPU and other components such as even determine overclocking power usage. 3. Efficiency Below is the advantages and disadvantages table of efficiency 80 Plus Certification “80 Plus†certification is a efficiency standard that requires a PSU model to achieve at least 80 percent efficiency and allowed to show 80 Plus logo on the product. Below are the efficiency ratings from different 80 Plus levels For a 80 Plus PSU at 100% load, there is 100% power pulls out of wall outlet, but only outputs 80% power to the system. Therefore, the higher 80 Plus certification can save you more on electricity bill. 4. Modular or Non-modular PSU? Modular Advantage - Connect necessary cables and keep the interior of case clean and organize. - Minimize cables equal better air flow throughout chassis Disadvantage - Loose efficiency between cables connections. - Cost a bit more than non-modular models. Non-modular Advantage - Deliver more stable and efficient power with no breaks in the lines. - Affordable price for general users. Disadvantage - Fill up the space of case with superfluous cables Conclusion A good quality PSU is the foundation stone of a stable and good quality PC system. A system that runs games smoothly is better than a system that presents blue screens of death or shuts down intermittently. Power consumption below 30% of actual PSU watts means you waste money; other than that you are in a good shape. The simplest way to select an ideal PSU is to purchase from a reliable manufacturer, with higher wattage, better 80 plus certification, and with reputable warranty service within your budget. Hopefully the information above will arm you with knowledge to select your next PSU.
  5. Hi Nooza, Sorry to hear that you have the same problem with spacebar on Challenger Keyboard. There are two ways to contact Thermaltake in Australia and New Zealand Tel: 03 9763 1622 or email a support ticket at link Wish both contact information will assist your need.
  6. Hi Graychild, Sorry about the delay. Let me check the status for you. May I have your RMA number that we issue you once you applied ? Thank you.
  7. Hi RayDontPlay, We still have replaced cables for the PSU model TRX-750M you have. If you locate at USA or Canada, Please choose one of following contact method to request the cable you need. Email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com or Contact Toll Free: 1-800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM~5:30PM (PST) Our customer service representative will be happy to help ~ Thank you !
  8. Hi ƒєαтнєÑвєαÑ, Sorry to hear the experience you have for a white noise on SHOCK One. That's not normal for a headset. All your SHOCK Ones have a soft white noise problem, Please feel free to return for a RMA replacement. If you don't want the same product back, we can swap another product with the equivalent value. We will try our best to deliver your most satisfaction. Sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for your cooperation.
  9. Hi Graychild, Sorry to hear the experience you have with spacebar on Challenger Keyboard. If you locate at USA or Canada, Please apply RMA at this Link. or Email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com or Contact Toll Free: 1-800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM~5:30PM (PST) We are willing to help to replace spacebar for you under 2 years warranty Please provide the following informaiton during RMA applicaiton: Name Address Phone Number Email Note(Problems) Item Number Serial Number Purchase Locaiton Invoice Date Invoice Number Please attached Copy of Receipt within Return Package. Sorry for your inconvenience and Thanks for your cooperation.
  10. So impressive, how an ipad mini case was made to a life revolution.
  11. Great sharing info~ No need to worry if carry P-MEGA 41600mAh power bank or below on traveling. Power Bank becomes indispensably for all 3C equipment we carry while traveling....
  12. It sounds so attractive...I don't know how to use iOS but I might upgrade to Samsung Note 4 later Definitely H5-Note Car Holder will compatible to Note 4....Wish I can be elected for H5-Note Car Holder giveaway contest
  13. Totally agree with you. Nowadays we use mouse often for hours to a day long. Comfort of the grip and Ergonomic shape are most important elements for a long lasting mouse.
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