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My PSU cables have gone missing!


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Hi there, I have a Toughpower DPS G RGB 850W Gold and Unfortunately after a move I seem to no longer know where the modular cables for my PUS are!  The cable I am most in need of is the 10+14pin to 24pin Mainboard Power Connector...  I have tried the last few days to search for purchasing one but was completely unsuccessful (only found 10+14 to 24 pin Corsair connectors).  And barring that I was going to perhaps to a swing at making my own cable...  The problem with that is that I can't find the pinout for this PSU anywhere!  I have searched the internet for the last 3 days and now am doing laps over the same information and pages.  Can someone here point me to a proper pinout for this PSU or if not point me in the direction of where to purchase some cables?  There is a link here for cables but there is no option to purchase them!  It just shows you the cables.  Also I don't want to spend the same amount on cables as I did or could for a new PSU...  Some of the prices I have seen are ridiculous...  $50 for a single cable when the entire PSU with all of the cables costs $130!  It makes no sense!  Anyway, I would really appreciate some assistance here.  Sorry if I sound a little wacky, I am at my wits end with this mission!   lol...  Thanks.

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