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First ever build.

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Took roughly 2 months and 5k USD but my i give you my child, Prince Vegeta.
12TH GEN i9 12900k 16 core 24 thread 128gb
4x Trident Z DDR 4 32gb sticks
2x Samsung Evo PRO 970 m.2 1TB  - 3500/mbs read speed sticks
Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Trinity OC edition
Custom made (by manufacturer)  Artic Brand AIO 420mm Radiator w/ extended hose 
3x Dracaena brushless 12v 2.0A fans on interior of radiator 

-- I'm aware its dusty, been on ongoing project to get these parts working/in from "snail mail" and i was in a very dusty room.--

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Well done. If a person knows how to use his head and hands (and you have a full order with it), he can do a lot. I will not criticize. The assembly is well-proven and tried 1500 times. The main thing is not to get a defect in the components. It should work fine. Good luck.

Content Manager riewes  - The best products for your car.

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